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Essay Instructions: Political in Communication Papers: 8 pages

Please answer #1 and #2 below with essays of 3 pages each. Answer #3 with and essay of 2 pages:

1. Choose a presidential campaign (1976-1992) and discuss the media strategy of either the Republican or Democrat candidate and/or their supporters (e.g. PACs). Focus on one aspect of the campaign that you find most representative of the reason for the candidates success or failure. Some questions to be answered are what were the particular obstacles (social, economic, or historical) faced by the candidate? What resources did they have to draw upon? Who did they hire to run their campaign and how successful was the agency at doing so? You can, of course, use Packaging the Presidency in your answer. You may also discuss the 2012 election by using the article ?Political Advertising in the 2012 US Presidential Campaign?
_ Can use this website: for more information.

2. Drawing from Chapters 5 (?How the News Media Shape Political Campaigns?) and 8 (?The Impact of New Communication Technologies on Political Campaigns?) of Uncivil Wars as well as John Allen Hendrick?s ?The New Media Campaign of 2012? discuss the evolution and effects of New Media in campaign strategies, what it has changed in terms of effectiveness and quality of message presentation, citizen involvement, educating the public, and any other aspect of New Media you find of consequence on contemporary campaigning.

-> FIlm "Taking on The Kennedys" -> write a 2 pages response paper on it. Discuss, for example, and an aspect of political campaigning you found particularly intriguing. What did you learn from the film and how might it affect the way you view/read about politics.

Must be neatly typed.

? The proper attention paid to English grammar and usage
? A coherent conceptual procedure evident
? The criteria of the assignment has been met
? The content is lively and engaging; the student projects her enthusiasm and involvement
? All analysis is substantiated in the text or in a secondary source
? The organization of the material is clear and easy-to-follow

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