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Essay Instructions: Essay #4: Researched Rogerian Argument about Facebook
Consider the following structure as a key to how to construct your paper?and map out individual page lengths for each section?8-10 pages of a researched Rogerian Argument.
1. Introduce the issue and show that the sides are understood by restating their arguments. Focus the thesis on possible common ground. (1 page)
2. Show in which contexts and under what conditions the opponent?s position may be valid. Be careful with the language you use. Note that the opponent is never made to feel completely wrong. (2-3 pages)
3. Show in which contexts and under what conditions the supporting position may be valid. Be careful with the language you use. Note that the supporting side is never made to feel completely right. (2-3 pages)
4. State the common ground by focusing on the aspects of the debate that both sides can agree on?whether it is a common enemy, common understanding, common constraint or common warrant. Attempt to show that the two positions complement each other and that each supplies what the other lacks. (2-3 pages)
5. Conclude with a brief suggestion about the possible outcomes of a rethinking of the issue based on the points raised in the essay. Remember: you are not ?fixing? the problem or offering a compromise. Instead, focus on fresh insights raised in the conversation. (1 page)
6. The final two pages (which do not count towards the 8-10 page requirement) must contain the full Works Cited page complete with accessible electronic addresses. The Works Cited page does not need to be annotated. If you do not submit all articles during the submission window, no credit will be issued until you do (late fees will apply).
Word of Advice:
Using a Claim of Policy is highly recommended since this type of claim lends itself readily to the Rogerian rhetorical method.

A non-threatening argument should contain these elements:
1. A brief and objectively phrased statement that defines the issue.
2. A complete and neutrally worded analysis of the other side?s position.
3. A complete and neutrally worded analysis of the position you hold. You should carefully avoid any suggestion that you are more moral or sensitive than your audience.
4. An analysis of what your positions have in common and what goals and values you share.
5. A proposal for resolving the issue in a way that recognizes the interests of both parties.

Rogerian Debate
? Side A explains its position
? Side B explains its position
? Side A shows that Side B's position is understood by restating it, then shows in which contexts and under what conditions the opponent's position may be valid. (Note that the other side is never made to seem completely wrong.)
? Side B shows that Side A's position is understood by restating it, then shows in which contexts and under what conditions the opponent's position may be valid. (Note that the other side is never made to seem completely wrong.)
? Side A states how Side B's position would benefit if Side B would adopt elements of Side A's position. An attempt is made to show that the two positions complement each other and that each supplements what the other lacks.
? Side B states how Side A's position would benefit if Side A would adopt elements of Side B's position. An attempt is made to show that the two positions complement each other and that each supplements what the other lacks.
? All try to come to common understanding/resolution

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Case Statements Discussion

Total Pages: 1 Words: 431 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Review the case statements of the Common Ground Center at and the University of Kentucky at

Then in one page Critique and discuss the elements of the case statements of the Common Ground Center and the University of Kentucky.

Explain the history and fundamentals of fundraising.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss the underlying principles of fundraising.
2. Recall the history of fundraising.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Rogerian Argument

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1315 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: My essay is a Rogerian Argument paper on an opinion piece in a news paper that I disagree with. It is to find common ground with an audience that holds the opposite opinion. Its trying to reduce any tension or hostility and show that both sides can benefit from the common ground that I am proposing.

Here is the link to the article:

Here is the format for the essay:
1. Introduction - introduce the issue (the "shared problem") and note your desire to resolve it.
2. State your opposition's viewpoint - let your audience know that you fully understand their position. You can quote them and even offer evidence that support their argument. Also, explain how you see the opposing side as a logical one.
3. Discuss your viewpoint - let the audience know in a non-combative way how your viewpoint differs from their own. Do not point out how you are right, your viewpoint is better, they should change their mind, etc.
4. Identify common ground - point out how the issue can be resolved so that you and the audience are satisfied with the results and how you both benefit.

Only use credible internet sites ending in .edu, .gov, or .org. Do not use Wikipedia or other non-credible sites; do not use .com sites.

The essay must be written in 3rd person.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: AIDS

Total Pages: 27 Words: 8056 Bibliography: 16 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a research paper (Sr. Capstone Research paper) written in APA format, using an interdisciplinary approach, examining a controversial issue that is broad enough to incorporate 3 disciplines yet the scope of the issue must be specific as well. I want the paper to be written spefically about the rapid spread of AIDS/HIV in india (looking at the women/girls of india specially), and what measures can be taken to help combat it from spreading further and how to empower the women .I don't have a thesis, but hopefully you can come up wtih one.
This paper has to be written using an objective, formal style. Also, the paper must be looked at from an interdisciplinary approach, using Biology, Psychology and Economics as the 3 main disciplines to discuss the aspects of AIDS.

This paper has strict guidelines that must be followed. I'll send the additional info via email. I need 9 Primary sources in total, so 3 primary sources for each discipline. and as many secondary sources needed. plus one additional source, which i will provide the info for that.

The introduction has to be at least 5 pages long, and the background has to be minimum 5 pages, max 6 pages.

The paper is broken down as such:

(1)Introduction (need to use the 7 Elements of the Introduction):

a-The TOPIC SENTENCE states the problem or issue to be investigated. Development of this sentence corresponds to STEP 1 of the INTS process which is discussed in Chapter 6 of the text. It needs to define the problem in a direct manner, be thorough and convincing, and convey the key factors or aspects of the problem. In other words, it should be able to ?stand alone? to state the chosen problem.

(I will email you Step 1 of the INTS process from Ch 6)

b-An clear EXPLANATION of why the problem is worthy of consideration should be developed in one or more paragraphs. The populations or individuals who might be involved should be identified. Finally, at least two or three reasons should be given to discuss the critical factors concerning the problem as well as potential benefits or outcomes that could result from the research concerning the problem. Hint: The use of secondary sources would strengthen this portion of the introduction.

c- The JUSTIFICATION for using an interdisciplinary approach (use this reason => Knowledge must be utilized from multiple viewpoints as determined by various disciplines in order to fully understand the scope of this issue (Repko, 2005). )

d-The IDENTIFICATION of a potential set of germane disciplines should be mentioned; then, the three most relevant disciplines should be named. This selection corresponds to STEP 3 of the Interdisciplinary Process. They must be disciplines and not areas of concentration or sub-disciplines. If a sub-discipline is more pertinent to the topic, name the discipline first; then, clarify the sub-field of that discipline. The disciplines selected are identified the first time in bold/italicized font (those disciplines would be Biology, Psychology, Economics.

e- The general epistemology or VIEWPOINT of the selected disciplines should be presented. One sentence or one paragraph per each discipline will suffice to justify what each discipline may contribute to overall understanding of the problem.

f-The disciplinary METHODS to be discussed in the paper and the means for collecting source materials and conducting research should be described. state that a thorough literature review was conducted.

g-The PURPOSE of the paper will be the final paragraph wherein the combination of the topic idea with the chosen disciplines conveys the potential discoveries or benefits from utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to the problem.

the purpose of this paper is to create awareness, to inform people.

(2) background- general history of the problem must be discussed within defined parameters (5-6 pages of background)

(3) Disciplines, perspectives, Evidence, Insights:
(A) logic , reasons for order of presentation of disciplines used
(b) perspective of first discipline (Biology)
(c) perspective of 2nd discipline (Psychology)
(d) " of 3rd discipline (Economics)

(4) Integration of the 3 disciplines
a- identify conflicts within a discipline
b- indentify conflicts within the disciplines
c- creation of common ground with the disciplines
d- integration of insights
e- identify techniques of integration used (Cite the text book pg 73/74- i will provide that via email)
f- development of the new understanding or meaning

(5) Conclusion

In the introduction and background, at least 3 secondary sources must be used.

also, when you cite from text , no direct quotes.

be objective when writing this paper, and use formal writing style. i will send the additional material via email. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is my sr year, and I have 4 other major classes with an insane amount of studying and writing to do . I just dont have the time to write this paper. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

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