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Title: economic characteristics of the commercial banking industry

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Essay Instructions: this is question 1 of 4 of an INDUSTRY report.

ASSIGNMENT: summarize the profile of the dominant economic characteristics of the commercial banking industry. for example, riggs, wachovia and bank of america are all in the commercial banking industry.

some economic characteristics that are to be summarized include: market size ($ and volume), growth rate (past and future forecasts), major competitors (compare relevant financial data and trends such as sales, profit, market share, etc.).

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Essay Instructions: 1. Review economic performance for the past 5 years

A. Begin with a table with the official annual growth rates/percentages from 2006 through 2011 for:
Real GDP growth addressing each component of GDP (C, I, G, X-M)
The standard CPI
The unemployment rate
The 10-year Treasury rate

B. Discuss four major macroeconomic themes that stand out in the data that have affected the profitability of the commercial banking industry since 2007. (You are telling a story here. Make it informative.) - (2 pages)

2. Provide your analysis of the February, 2012 Blue Chip Forecast for 2012 & 2013- Total 3 pages

Discuss, examine and analyze the consensus forecasts for each of those four areas in terms of your agreement or disagreement with specific numbers. Your analysis should include comments about Congress, the White House, the international scene, and the Fed up to the time you are answering this question.

3. Discuss Fed Actions (2 pages):

A. Over the next six months:
1) What do you expect the Fed to do in terms of interest policy and other key actions?
2) What do you think the Fed should do?

B. Over the next two years:
1) What do you expect the Fed to do?
2) What do you think the Fed should do?

File uploaded contains spreadsheet of blue chip forecasts and GDP

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Essay Instructions: Please compare the commercial banking system reform process between China and the U.S.
China has undergone radical reform after the entry of WTO since 2001. This essay need to focus mainly in the area of comparison.
Please keep introduction and conclusion short.

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Title: services sector

Total Pages: 13 Words: 4816 References: 13 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Identify a service sector activity and define its nature.Explore the development of internationalisation within the sector. How have technological and regulatory changes impacted on the international production and delivery of the service?

Write a 3900 word essay on the above topic.

1.plz use the Harvard method for citation and referencing.
2. I wud appreciate if u could do it on the commercial banking sector...but if u cannot then any sector is fine with me.

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