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Title: difference between New Historists viewpoints on Renaissance drama and Cultural Materialists viewpoints

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Essay Instructions: request for awest!

This is a Masters level paper and this information needs to be forwarded to Mark in your customer service dept. He and I emailed and he said he has a specific writer for the work.
Prompt: In recent years, two related and overlapping schools of literary theory have nevertheless offered competing responses to the relationship between Renaissance drama and the political power of Tudor and stuart Britain. Where the New Historists have tended to see plays of the period reinforcing the prevailing ideology of the early modern court, civice authorities, Church and government, the (mostly British, and with whom I mostly agree)Cultural Materialists have discerned in the same plays various forms of political and cultural subversion against these forces. Examine Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors," Ben Jonson's "The Alchemist," Thomas Kyd's "The Spanish Tragedy," and Heywood's "A Woman Killed with Kindness" from the perspective of these two modes of criticism/theory. As you make the argument, remain sensitive to the complexities of these modes, taking into account the social, theoretical, and critical movements that have informed them.

Four different critics must be used; however, only one or two direct quotes (and only very short ones) are to be used. Two critics should come from the New Historist camp and two from the Cultural Materialist camp. Please notify me if you have any questions.

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Title: the woman question of 4 primary works by different authors of Englisn Renaissance lit

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Essay Instructions: The thesis must include Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors," Thomas Heywood's "A Woman Killed with Kindness," Ben Jonson's "The Alchemist," and Rachel Speght's "A Muzzle for Melastomus" and "The Dream." Aemilia Lanyer may replace Jonson or Shakespeare. The thesis will respond directly with these works (it must be 4 different authors)in regard to the "woman question" prevalent during the Renaissance as a consequence of the Reformation, economic changes, and new attitudes towards marriage. Conduct and marriage manuals of the time should be mentioned. So the thesis will engage in responding to prevalent attitudes in these works about gender. How do these authors position themselves on "the woman quesion"?
I will need the thesis, primary, and secondary sources emailed to me asap, so I can see if they are acceptable. The essay must be in MLA format with a works cited page. Very little direct quotation should be used.

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