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Title: The Color of Water

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Essay Instructions: The Color of Water by James McBride

Racism in Mixed Racial Families


Both characters, Ruth and James dealt with issues of racism, religion, and identity differently.Ruth chose to ignore

her race because it was easier to live within her own world than in a world that

had been so unaccepting and cruel. James dealt with the racism he experienced by attempting to learn

more about his back ground so he could understand his differences from those around him. A sense of

ones self is derived from the identity on ones parents. As he began to uncover his own identity, he

took pride in the fact that he was the grandson of a Jewish rabbi and a child of an all-black Red

Hooks Project. Since Ruth lived with an abusive and over ruling father, was surrounded by a

community, un-accepting of Jews, and had a low self image, she chose to forget who she was and

where she came from in order to go on. She learned about God who lifted her up, forgave her, and

made her feel new. James felt guilt for not having pride in the mother he loved, and insecurity for not

being able to identify with both his parents. He found himself torn between two races. Instead of

running away from the racism he was faced with, he chose to meet it in the face by searching for his

roots. As his mother began to open up and talk about her past, James felt the connection to her and

both came to realize it really doesn’t matter what a person’s race or religion is. People should judge

you for who you are and not by the color of your skin or the religion you practice.

Need opening with 3 paragraphs to relate to my conclusion.
Use quotes- followed by commentary.

4 paragraphs- HOOK or Thesis-Issues of race and identity were troubling not only for Ruth, but for her twelve children manifesting themselves in many different ways.

Paragraph 1 opening about racial prejudice.
paragraph 2- Ruth' background and how she deals with discrimination
paragraph 3- How racial discrimination affected the children and what Ruth did
paragraph 4- James and how he deals with racial discrimination

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Title: the color of water

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Essay Instructions: (The color of water is the story of the daughter of a jewish rabbi who married a black man and raise twelve black children in Brooklyn, NY. having grown up asa jewish person in the south and having been married to a black man ,Ruth was a victim of prejudice related to racism and anti-semitism.Experiences at home, at school, in the nieghborhood, in church, and at work taught her aboutprejudice. WRITE AN ESSAY IN WHICH YOU EXPLAIN WAYS IN WHICH RUTH EXPERIENCES PREJUDICCE IN HER LIFE.) These were my teachers exact words. Thank you

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Title: Love

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Essay Instructions: From what David G. Myers (social psychology 7th ed.) says about Attraction and Intimacy: Liking and Loving Others, write a detailed essay explaining (The Color of Water- James McBide)Ruth's attraction for the men with whom she fell in love. Discuss her relationships with Peter, Dennis and Hunter. include citations and references to support your position. Be sure to discuss social psychological theories of love.

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Title: Women's memoir

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Essay Instructions: The paper should be a personal memoir essay. The focus of this paper should be on personal experience, either your female friend or friend's mother. Personal story of women who are close to you. Female friend would be the best. In this essay, more of a memoir rather than commentary. More description of what they experienced than explanation.

This essay should include their memoir of growing pain, mistreatment, rejection, suppression, rebellion, or come of age as female.

In my class I just have read "The glass castle" by Jeannette Walls, "Infidel" by Ali Ayaan Hirsi, "The color of Water" by James McBride,and "Fat Girl" by Judith Moore.
The essay doesn't need to connect to these books, but you can refer how they tell thier stories.
The goal of this essay is to learn how to write a fascinating memoir from these books.

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