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Title: compare and contrast the way that the british and french handled the decolonization of their african possessions

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Essay Instructions: colonialism brought the countries of africa many benefits, but also many problems. compare and contrast the way that the british and the french handled the "decolonization" of their african possessions. list three of the enduring post colonial challenges that african nations must face in the 21st century.
Excerpt From Essay:

1. Ahluwalia, D. Pal S., Ahluwalia, Pal. "Politics and post-colonial theory: African inflections." Routledge, 2001.

2. Leonard, Thomas M. "Encyclopedia of the developing world." Taylor & Francis, 2006.

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Title: This essay based Book Miko Kings By LeAnne Howe From Flittering World Anvajo Story Irvin Morris Green Grass Running Water Thomas King I event book develop discussion I event book This a instructer gave For page paper I relation Native readings

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Essay Instructions: This essay is based on Book!! Miko Kings By LeAnne Howe, From the Flittering World Anvajo Story by Irvin Morris, Green Grass, or Running Water by Thomas King. I need just one of them (one event from the book!!) to develop my discussion. I just need one event! do not need to use whole book!!

This below is what a instructer gave to me!

For this five-page paper, I am asking you to look at the relation of the Native readings. In this paper you will explore representations of Native resistance to the incursions of colonialist practices, ideas, and/or politics in the readings, Miko kings and Glittering World. As you develop your paper ask yourself, is resisting colonialism colonialist culture alone enough to decolonize a worldview? If so, how so? If not, what more is needed to arrive at a decolonized way of thinking/state of being? What do our authors propose needs to take place in order for their imagined worlds and characters, and their own thoughts/actions/culture to move toward a decolonized state.
This paper is a piece of critical writing that aims to reflect on the significance of the ideas of resistance and decolonization. Some key elements to reflect on and discuss in this paper include (but are not limited to):

1. Define what resistance and decolonization are. Discuss why they are importance ideas to
explore. In other words, discuss why they are significant, why they matter. Avoid
dictionary/encyclopedia definitions. Trust yourself: you are more interesting than a dictionary.
2. Focus on just one or two ideas/events/characters from the readings to illustrate and develop
what you see as resistance and why it matters. Likewise, focus on just one or two
ideas/events-scenes/characters from the readings to illustrate and develop what you see
decolonization as and why it matters.
3. Discuss Why it is important to recognize resistance and decolonization in these works. What
do they help you see and think about as you look at the world around usus?
4. Include enough information about characters, scenes, events, or ideas from the readings to
help frame and develop your discussion, but don?t go overboard on summary.
5. Include direct quotes from the readings to both support and develop our ideas and insights.
Avoid block quotes (quotes longer than 4 lines). Zoom in on the most relevant words and
use them. Cut out the dead weight.
6. Use MLA in text citation style and fully cited.
7. Again, keep your focus on a limited number of characters, scenes, or themes. Say a lot
about one thing, rather than a little about a lot of things.
8. Title your paper before turning it in! Give it a good title too, something that suggests the idea
or theme you?re exploring in the paper.
9. Thesis: Have a thesis that articulates an insight about the readings, rather than a description
of the readings.
Excerpt From Essay:

Howe, LeAnne. (2007) Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story. Aunt Lute Books.

Carter Meland. (2007, Winter). "Baseball is Past Time: A Review of Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story." Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thoughts. Marshall, MN: Southwest Minnesota State University.

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Title: Colonialism vs Independence

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Essay Instructions: In studying colonialism and the newly independent states in Asia and Africa, we see that most newly independent states faced serious internal strife, poverty, religious and clutural hatred, starvation, governmental corruption etc. Is independence the best alternative for some nations or would colonialism make a better choice for some nations? Why do you think so?
Excerpt From Essay:

Johnson, Paul. "Under Foreign Flags: The glories and agonies of colonialism."

National Review. 2002 February 11. Retrieved July 21, 2005 from HighBeam Research Library Web site.

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Title: Colonialism and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness Things Fall Apart and Apocalypse Now

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Concerning Sequel, I have to provide only one concept that, in the book, is one paragraph long.

Thesis: "As the title explains, Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, and Apocalypse Now present to usus a negative aspect of colonialism and imperialism."
I have this piece of introduction that I have to continue, too: "Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now replicate the Anglo and Euro-centric point of view. Things Fall Apart has to do with the effects of the Africans after colonialism. Heart of darkness and Things Fall Apart concern colonialism in Africa; Heart of Darkness shows African culture as "beasts" and "creatures" while, on the other hand, Things Fall Apart is more humanitarian in showing African culture and civilization before Imperialism arrived."

Have to introduce Carl Jung's idea of the Shadow and how they relate to the characters of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness and in Apocalypse Now. Here is where Sequel is involved. This is the paragraph that is in the book to which I have to refer to: "Jung believed that, in addition to the collective unconscious, the mind has a collective subconscious. He refer to the darker part of this region as the shadow. In the shadow resides the less pleasant aspects of the personality. Often dangerous, this region belongs to the primitive, uncivilized, pre-evoutionary past of the species. The shadow is represented as jealousy and repressed desires like avarice, aspects which most people would prefer not to recognize as part of their being." this is all I have to refer to, there is no need to go into further investigation about Jungian concepts.

In my conclusion there has to be mention of at least one idea on how they relate to current political ideas or issues.

Please try to avoid very formal language because English is my second language. Also, If you need to change anything of the thesis or introduction is okay as long as you consider the concepts of colonialism/imperialism as they relate to each story,discuss in detail the meanings inherent in each title, and discuss the Jungian concept of the shadow. Please try not to add any external sources other than these works. Thanks
Excerpt From Essay:

Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Knopf, 1994.

Apocalypse Now. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. 1979.

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