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Title: A Conflicted People Paper

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Essay Instructions: One of the fundamental issues of the American colonial period was conflict. To be specific, the colonists were strongly in conflict. They were so greatly in conflict with English culture that they fled to a new continent, fighting rough seas along the way. Once in America, they clashed with one another, with themselves, with Native Americans, and with metaphysical powers. They saw themselves as "sinners in the hands of an angry God," and experienced their communities as under assault from the dark forces of witchcraft.
Some of the conflicts that defined the American colonists were as follows:

a. Immigrant vs. Native Americans
b. Immigrants vs. nature
c. Male vs. female
d. Opportunity vs. servitude
e. Freedom vs. servitude
f. Salvation vs. damnation
g. Virtue vs. temptation and sin
h. Christian community vs. outsiders
i. Emotion vs. reason

Select one of these defining conflicts or identify one of your own. Write a 1,400 to 1,750-word paper analyzing how this conflict shaped period literature and how the authors you examine found resolution. (Were they defeated? Did they reach new understandings? Did they master the situation? Did the conflict simply pass?) Examine at least three texts, making sure you provide evidence to support all claims. Cite all sources using APA citation format, including the textbook.

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Title: Slavery in Urban Areas

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2224 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The answers should be about 2½ double-spaced pages for each question. Primary book to get information from, if available, is Evolution of American Urban Society, The (6th Edition), Howard P. Chudacoff, Judith E. Smith, ISBN 0131898248.

Question 1. Slavery was embedded in the development of the United States from the colonial period up to the Civil War, and its legacy lived on.

a. What role did slavery play in urban areas ??" both North and South ??" from the colonial period through the Civil War? In what ways was urban slavery similar to or different from plantation slavery?
b. Discuss the different forms that slavery took in New York City during the Dutch, English and post-revolution (American) period until emancipation
Question 2. In the period between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War ??" especially after 1820 ??" cities grew at a rapid pace. New ones were established and existing towns and cities expanded in size.
a. Discuss the role of industrialization and transportation in the spread of urban growth to new areas of the country. Include in your discussion factors that gave some cities advantages over others.
b. Discuss the aspects that allowed compact, walking cities to expand in size and into outlying areas.
Question 3. Cities increasingly became socially more heterogeneous and complex as they grew.
a. Discuss the characteristics of each of the major social classes among “free” whites in urban areas.
b. What role did white indentured servants and free and enslaved African Americans have in the class structure?

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Title: History Essay

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1853 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Answer both questions in two separate essays, each being approximately 3 pages long. The essays should consist of 5-8 paragraphs, with the first paragraph being the thesis paragraph, the body paragraphs all having topic sentences, and the final paragraph being a concluding paragraph. These are two separate essays. If you use internet or books you can site them by Parenthetical Notation and include a bibliography. ex. (George, 14. The questions are:

1. America is considered the land of opportunity. From your knowledge of the early colonial period, was this in fact the case? You can talk about religion, land ownership, gender, slavery, etc.

2. Many Puritans came to America in 1630 ready to complete the reformation by establishing God's true church. A little more than 100 years later, all the colonies, Massachusetts included, allowed a significant variety of religious practices. What were some of the major developments in this growth of religious toleration? You can talk about Great Awakening, William Penn and establishment of Pennsylvania, and anything else.

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Title: yrs leading to rev war

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Essay Instructions: The essay should begin with a topic sentence that restates the question in declarative form. You should provide supportive information with valuable specific detail. References to readings and notes are always helpful. The essay should end by drawing appropriate conclusions. You should properly cite all your sources, including textbooks and any other sources you use to develop your answer.

1. Throughout the colonial period, what were the factors that hindered or promoted a sense of national identity? At what point did nationalism become a major influence and why?
2. Consider the extent to which African-Americans were able to develop a separate sense of community during the colonial period.
3. Discuss whether you believe that the American colonists and the British had “irreconcilable differences” that made the colonial bid for separation inevitable or whether they were more like the mother country than ever before. Be prepared to explain how the American colonists viewed their condition and defined themselves.
4. Discuss how demographic patterns have reshaped your understanding of Puritan families and the communities they created
5. Prepare an argument that counters the stereotype that Puritans were dour, emotionless, cold, and pious. In your response, be sure to provide specific examples that demonstrate their “humanness.”

One preferred source is Colonial America fifth edition written by Jerome R. Reich. The other source can be whatever you find appropriate. I would like 1 1/2 page per question.

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