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Title: College students housing option

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Essay Instructions: College students have a variety of housing from which to choose: living at home, renting a single apartment, living in the dormitory, living in a sorority/fraternity house, or renting a house with a group of friends are a few of the options. In a five paragraph essay compare/contrast three student housing options of your choosing from most liked to least liked. Discuss the benefits and defects of each arrangement.

Check the grammar and no passive voice or sentences. To also include a brief introduction and a good conclusion. Thank You

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Title: demonstrate a synthesis of knowledge which may be gained from taking a College Student Development Theory course

Total Pages: 12 Words: 1086 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions:
General requirements: This assignment is to be formal, APA-style, using scholarly references and:
Patton, L. D., Renn, K. A., Guido, F. M., & Quaye, S. J. (2016). Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice. 3rd ed. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Wilson, M. E. (2011). ASHE Reader Series: College Student Development Theory. (2nd ed.). Lebanon, IN: Pearson learning Solutions.

When developing your essay please, demonstrate a synthesis of knowledge which may be gained from taking a College Student Development Theory course. Please focus on what theoretical frames or models they anticipate using most as a future professional, and why. Also, consider what theories or frames are not currently in existence, the significance and need of these based upon the literature, and thoughts for how to gather data to begin to develop them.

Please create an essay which illustrates her, his, or their acquired knowledge, skills, and dispositions regarding college student development theory (CSDT) and practice. It is important that the writing reflects both a summary and a synthesis of your ideas. The central topic for this assignment is: Personal consideration and use of college student development theories. You may use all or some of the questions listed below in order to respond to the central topic.
A) What frame(s) or model(s) do you anticipate using in the near future? And, why?
B) Which frame(s) or model(s) are less applicable in the near future? And, why?
C) What are your greatest concerns for applying CSDT?
D) Discuss your comfort level with using multiple frames and models together.
E) Based upon your work or future work, what are areas or topics for CSDT that still need to be developed for our field?
F) How might either you, or others, begin to develop a theory(s) that currently does not exist?
G) Share how you plan to continue to improve your knowledge, skills, and dispositions regarding CSDT after this course is concluded.

Additionally, please consider the following requirements:
? Student demonstrates strong reflection for integration of knowledge, skills, and dispositions as evidenced by clear summary and synthesis examples
? Student presents information in a logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow
? Student demonstrates full knowledge with explanations and elaboration

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Essay Instructions: Type of Essay Division and classification

Essay topic

Write an essay arguing in favor or against the policy of having college students requiring college students to take courses outside their majors fields. Take the idea in your essay to argue the pros and cons and the opposing view

English comp 101 - so lets keep it simple

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Title: Obesity and the college student

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Essay Instructions: Font - Times new roman 12
Wrote in third person
Please use my outline as a guide, I am ok with minor changes.

Overweight American college students need to change their eating out habits to be able to re-gain control of their weight. American students are overweight due to media attraction, eating out at restaurants, and the fast paced American life style.

I. Media attraction can be linked to obesity in college students
A. Television shows promote un-healthy eating.
B. Radio advertisement promotes un-healthy eating.

II. Living a fast paced life can lead to obesity in college students
A. There is no time to eat at home
B. There is no time to purchase or prepare healthy food

III. Restaurants can be linked to obesity in college students
A. There is not enough healthy food choices at restaurants
a. Which restaurant does not offer healthy food choices?
b. Which restaurant has the healthiest food choices?
B. Serving sizes at restaurants are to large

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