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Title: it varies

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Essay Instructions: i put "4" on the # of pages.
i have 5 questions that needs to be answered. The first 4 questions require around 180-200 words and the last question requires aound 300 words.
this are the admission essays require by the PHARMACY SCHOOL that i''m applying to.

1.How would you descibe your pesonality?
use these followings:
-i''m diligent, goal-oriented, vey well- organized(organized books by its height),enthusiastic, detailed-oriented....
-want success.
-manage time and money well.(lived alone for 3 years now)
-like to help.(my family immigrated to US on december,1994. since then, i helped my parents,who don''t speak/read english fluently, with everything from taking out to KFC to the insurance company. i translate for them.)
(it''s a korean cultural thing....since i''m the oldest daughter, my relatives and my parents expects alot of things from me and sometimes gives me pressures but that''s one of the reason why i set high goals so i try my best to achieve my goal. i''ve never dissapointed myself nor my family and i''m very confident and proud of who i am and what i have become to this day with their support.)

2. What areas of your personal development do you think you need to improve upon?
include these:
-i think i should manage my time more wisely so i could do other activities and make time to enjoy(?) hobbies.
(i wanted to get some type of certificate for microsoft office word or excel, but couldn''t fit those in. i manage time well on school work but not leisure time.i swim,do drawing,play tennis in my imagination.)
-i give myself pressure and i always expect more from me.

3. What is the strongest aspect of your pesonality?
-make good judgement,no resentment.
-always on time

4. Do you have any withdrawals, incomplete, or failing grades on your school transcript? if so, please explain.
-i have on WD(withdrawal) on the summer semester in Florida State University,the first semeste at FSU as a college student.
-i wanted to enjoy freedom because when i used to live with my parents until high school, i had to be at home before it gets dark outsidde. i wanted to enjoy typical college life that i saw in the movie. at first, it turned out to be fun and i met many new people. As the time goes, i started to see changes that those things doesn''t interest me anymore. and when i looked at myself, i saw a 3rd grade elementary school student who doesn''t think about what''s coming/future. as times goes, i worried more about the school work but by the time i realized, it was late for me make up that GEA1000 class. they already took 2 exams and it was too late for me. as an oldest child in my family, i felt embarrassed. my parents told me that i should be a role model to my sister and brother, but i was going to the wrong path.

5. Describe a pesonal experience in which you have assisted or cared for someone who was ill or was experiencing a distressful event in his or her life. In what ways have you developed a pattern of providing services to others?
-luckly none of my family member was ill....
-could you please make one up? i really don''t have this type of experience. but not related to death.

if you have any question,email me.
i hope i gave you enough information.

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Title: Literacy Narrative Essay

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Essay Instructions: It is a Literacy/Narrative essay.
I need Writer’s Username: ProfDiggers to write this assignment.

Please read the faxed papers that I will send so soon before writing where you could exactly know the structure of this assignment.

I will provide you with a brief background of my education since you will write a Narrative/literacy essay about myself.However, the most important thing is its structure and to be interesting rather than the ideas and background:

My first language is Arabic, I began learning English since I was a kid ( 7 years old) in school . My parents encouraged me to learn English since it's the most common worldwide used language. Looking forward for attending in an American University for education. I've been learning both English and Arabic, but Arabic was an inherent language since I was born. I've been learning English, and my Dad encouraged me to attend summer schools in the UK to improve my English. I attended ( King's Oxford school) in the UK where I participated in an intensive English course. After graduating from high school in Saudi Arabia, I was accepted with a scholarship in an Oil company where they provide an intensive preparation year for College life. from there I felt like I didn't use arabic language for a while. I experienced the college life with the foreign professors . Also, I experienced the TOEFL and IELTS international exams that are required for attending College.
That was a short brief background, Please explore the ideas, use a narrative tone, and descriptions Begin the Narrative essay with something similar to: I remember when I was 7 years old, I was sitting in an English class among other students seeing strange characters in the board where .....
Also, please say how reading and writing in English improved my experiences and let me achieve goals in college.

The goal of this assignment is to craft part of the story of your education as a user of language and how that experience will shape who you are as a student in your first year of college. By understanding your past experiences with literacy you will, hopefully, come to understand something about your purpose in college and how you hope to use your education.

A lot of unseen factors go into the acquisition and use of language that we are not aware of without careful study. Certainly there are economic, racial, social, regional, gender, and regional considerations that have informed your experience as a student. Your task is to try to identify one story in your own experience that somehow speaks to one of these concerns and tell us what happened and what that event means to you.

As a narrative, the expectation is that you will write that story using description, character, etc. as opposed to the more analytical forms of writing you have done in the previous two assignments. In a lot of ways, you should think of this as a short story wherein you are the main character. Perhaps the first thing you should do is think of the plot of your particular story. Who were you at the beginning? What tension is there that builds to a climax? How have you changed by the end? These are the questions that you should be asking.
How should I tell my story?
The first thing is to make sure you limit yourself to one story. That is not to say you cannot tell smaller stories or have digressions, but in an essay this short, you should be able to focus on just one moment in your life and fill the pages with details. Think of a traditional plot arch. There should be exposition to open your essay, rising tension/action, a climax, and then a brief dénouement (a resolution of some kind). All essays can take different forms, of course, but this is the most common way plots are constructed

There are faxes for this order.

Please inform the writer that the papers will be faxed so soon and for this assignment the writer should be informed that :

Narrative structure: The Narrative has an arresting opening scene, introduces its characters and gives background, builds tension through opposition, has a pivotal moment, and then reflects on its story with final descriptions and images.

Narrative writing:The Narrative essay should rely on "story" elements: not only does this narrative forward the plot by describing action, but it also suggests a greater significance by way of those details and descriptions that at first seem unimportant but are eventually relevant by story's end.

Detail and Description: The Narrative essay should rely on concrete description instead of abstraction. " Showing" instead of " Telling" .

- Contraries: Obvious conflict is created within or between characters, is central in the plot, and it's meaningfully resolved.

- Significance: Narrative uses detail and description to suggest a larger significance; this narrative doesn't explain or summarize its significance. Instead it "Shows" its significance through detail .

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Essay Instructions: IT is acceptable if word count is little over maximum words

such as 205-210 words for maxmum 200 words have you taken adavantage of the educational opportunities you have had
to prepare for college?(MAXIMUM:200 WORDS)
-trying to transfer school to get better education (move la to
sanfrancisco)during 11th and 12 th grade, trying to challenge my self to become
a person who can deal with my own problem,taking ap class and hornor class( ap
calculus ,chemistry, enviromental science,and hornor pre calculus) these
experiences shape my rest of life to become more mature
-taking 2005 university of california berkeley summer session program to
prepare for experiencing college life and to compare differences between uc and
other colleges

-trying to join in leaderposition of many school clubs and to join club
activities to grow leadership and get diverse experiences.
(international,jazz,film,environmental,qhoir, yearbook clubs.)

2.Tell us about talent, experience or personal quality you bring to the u.c
-challengeable (since i would like to challenge my self, this positive skill
can influence on promoting uc's new concepts)
- i experienced different diverse cultural experience.(as iam a international
student) i can contribute to the university in a tremendous mannaer as i have a
global state of mind which accpets cultural diversity.since uc is the diverse
cultural environment.
-communication skill and active personality(like to talk and adviseto people)(
very friendly and like to join in many activities)
-very passionate and responsiable for every work (if i start one thing, i
concentrate so hard and try to finish work in perfect)
-social justice( i like to help and promote common good )( dealing with social
justice issus )

3.Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic
record that you have not had the opportunity to describe in the
-in the process of getting used to in new school's environment,i got low junior
year's gpa. especually humanity class. becoz. the format and concept of new
school were totally different from my old school. i took time to get used to
it. even though i got low grade, i satisfy with my decision which transfer to
new shcool. becoz i challanged my self to prove that i can do and adapt in the
new circumstance. especailly, junior year was the hardest year of my school
years becoz new academic environment makes me to very nervious. i tried so hard
to get good grade but its hard for me to keep both sides which is making new
personal relationship and getting good grade in new teacher's classes. during
the process of transferation, i was in agony about decision of transfering to
new school. i knew that junior season is the most important year for
preparation of college and grade point average. however, i believe that the
real educational opportunites for prepration of college is not!
only getting good grade in academic cources but also it can be challeged my
self to get good education and learn new experiences how to deal with problem.

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Title: Personal Statement

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Essay Instructions: This P.S. is for transferring UC and it has 3 questions.

Question #1 (200-230 words)
what's your major? Discuss how your interest in the field developed and describe any experience you have had in the field and the employment, student organization and activties and what you have gained from your involvement.
This question seeks to understand a student's motivation and dedication to learning.

i have strong motivation for learning in two areas: architecture and economy. my father is a great architect and the house that i lived in China was designed by him. i always remember that he teaches me how to make a house model with sand by the sea beach. i would like to follow his step and also i have great interest in designing buildings. For economy,i have great interest too. i am a member of DECA(an association of marketing students), i meet a lot of good pros and i learned a lot(interest gain). i practice buying stock and experience the relationship between the market and the stock price. i have worked as a teller for Omni Bank.

P.S. Architure is my firt choice major and it is more important than Economy.

Question #2(200-230 words)

Tell us a talent, experience, contribution or personal quality you will bring to the University of California.

as a member of Phi Theta kappa, the largest honor society of 2 year colleges, i got a great opportunity to know more, not just about western culture, but other societies and cultures in the US as well.
as a secondary of Asian Student Association, it has given me the chance to develop my leadership skills besides serving the community, which has given me a lot , and i am very grateful for it. By serving the homeless people, building houses with Salvation Army, Cleaning the beaches and canyons, walking for AIDS created fund-raisers, collecting books for the needy children and Getting Fund for the casualty of the hurricane, i can say i that i am payng back to the community that has given to me a great opportunity for freedom and reaching my professional goals, that arise from the desire to serve others to the best of my talents.

Question #3(600-650)
Is there anything you would ike us to know about you or your academic record that you have not had the opptunity to describle elsewhere in this application!

immigrated to US 4 years ago(2001) with my mother and lived with my step-father, entered American High School as a junior.
graduated from high school with a 3.3 GPA(2003). i started working full time in a factory on the night shift(7pm-4am) and at the same time i have to go to school at Ohlone college(Fall semester 11 units taking, spring 12 units taking). During that time, my step father and my mother were having war everyday, and the college life seemed so weird,i was shocked. my step father was so mean to me, he asked me and my mom to go to work and earn money but he doesnot do anything other than staying home and drinking beers. he opposed me to go to college. "Why you go to college, go to work and get some more shifts, stop wasting your time and money" he said this crap to me very often. first semester i ended up with 4 Ws and second semester even worse couple Fs. i can not live this any more and i want to change i told myself. i borrowed $2000 from my mother and i left Bay Area(Northern California). i moved to L.A. area with the 2000 dollars in the summer of 2004 and started my new life.i rent a room and find a server job.(hard but kinda easy to get money), and feed myself. i started go to Mt. San Antonio College in the fall sememster. i can barely live with money from Financial Aid.
i work part time as a server and taking 16 units and 4 out of the 5 classes i got A. spring semester of 2005 i took 23 units and i worked as a bank teller. most of those classes are A. 2005 summer, i reached the max number of classes that can be taken at Mt. San Antonio College, so i went to East LA college to take a class. i took an average of 20 units each semester and remains a 3.8 GPA.people ask me why that i took so many classes, it is because i wasted one year already,and i want to make it up. afte i moved to L.A.,i never go to a bar or club.i was busy doing my homework and working on my 21 birthday.

for this main part, please write it soulful, and show a great change of me before and after i leave my family(academic grades), how i support myself(cook,work) , No party life, just studying and working, no money for everthing,i only went to see a movie once after i moved to LA.

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