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Title: How do current college enrollment patterns differ from those of 50 years ago Does this impact you as a student in any way Why are some current researchers criticizing college education Do you agree with them and why why not In what way does diversity affect college students learning Does it affect your own learning in any way If someone younger than you were to ask your advice on attending college what would you say to them based on your experience

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Reflecting on your own college experience (both past and current), and drawing from the material in the chapter on emerging adulthood, answer the following questions:
How do current college enrollment patterns differ from those of 50 years ago? Does this impact you as a student in any way?
Why are some current researchers criticizing college education? Do you agree with them, and why/why not?
In what way does diversity affect college students' learning? Does it affect your own learning in any way?
If someone younger than you were to ask your advice on attending college, what would you say to them, based on your experience and what you've learned from the text?
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Title: See notes below

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***Essay must be at least 500 words (let me know if that is more than 2 pages, I wasn''t sure.)

Background Info. For Admissions essayAdmissions essay to Boston University

A.) Reasons for applying to this degree program at BU:

? I have reached a point in my life both academically and in my career

that I have found continuing my education essential to my success.

? Since returning to school at New England College of Finance, I have

strived very hard to not only learn all I can from the course, but to apply

it to my work

? Since my profession is in the financial industry I find this degree

program in Management Studies to be very helpful both personally and


? It is very important to me to work hard at everything I do in life.

I am adopted within my family and being raised by my aunt and uncle has

made me realize how very fortunate I am. They have taught me to work hard

and be the best at what ever I do. I want to make them proud of me and to

show them that their only daughter has made it in this world.

? I have always enjoyed school. Although my college years at UMASS

left me with a bad taste due to several internal and external factors.

Paying for my own tuition became something I was no longer able to afford.

I ended up leaving school to join the workforce to earn some money and

figure out what I really wanted from my college experience.

? I was very shy and reserved in my early college years, and found it

difficult to find my way in such large universities. Coming from such a

small private, all girls high school I left I was out of my comfort zone.

I ended up giving into that and going to what was easier ? moving back


? Being in the working world, I learned several lessons about

supporting myself. I learned to take what I do more seriously since I am

the controller of my future. I guess you could say because I always used

my parents as a security blanket, that I never worried about that before.

I started my working full time during the day at an executive office suite

company in boston. I also work the night shift after that at Dunkin Donuts

to make enough money to pay my rent.

? After being at HQ Business Centers (office suite company) I was ready

for a new challenge and something different. I answered in ad in the paper

for State Street Corp. I ended up getting hired and working the night

shift. My first year there proved to be very rewarding for me. I found

out quickly that my hard work paid off and I received a bonus. After the

year, I took a promotion in another area to continue to learn more about

the financial services area of Corporate actions. This was an invaluable

opportunity that taught me to deal with difficult management. I had to

learn to deal with an extraordinary work load and being expected to stay

late every date to provide coverage for those who had to get home for their

children. This position gave me the foundation to move into the position

that I visioned I would love to do one day. This was the position of a

corporate skills trainer in the training dept of State Street. I always

enjoyed helping others and being very involved with my work, but I wondered

how I could overcome my shyness. Somehow I found the strength and prepared

for my interview by attending a small verision of one of the classes. The

instructor who I need was very helpful as she actually allowed me the

opportunity to deliver part of the class. I was amazed how I managed to do

it! I wasn''t even nervous and the creative side of me that I wasn''t even

aware I had came out glowing!

? I ended up landing the trainer position by giving the hiring manager

a demonstration of my instructor skills and having a mock 15 mins class on

Corp. Actions. The hiring manager commented that it was the best interview

she has ever since! At that point, I knew I could conquer more than I

thought I was capable of.

? My year spent as a trainer was the most rewarding position yet, but

suddenly I faced an unknowed future when one day I found out that of our

training dept was laid off due to restructuring in the company. I was

completely devasted and shocked! My management repeatedly told me that I

was an excellent asset to the company, but had the least senority. After

dealing with the shock, I figured it was best to get back on the wagon and

find something new. During my first day of being laid off I attended a job

fair, resume in hand with all my glowing creditials. I quickly and

painfully found out that the solid reputation that I had built for myself

at State Street meant nothing to the outside world. Even jobs that were

only paying of the yearly salary I has making told me that I wasn''t

qualified because I didn''t have my degree. I thought how in the world will

I survive! The next day I went back to my former employer to pack up my

belongs. At that time, my Vice President rushed over to me and told me she

has a possible job lead for me. Wow, really I said. She told me it was

still in Human Resources, but it would be working with the Controller of

the division. My first thought was I don''t have that much financial

background for that. She also informed me that the hiring manager would

like to meet with me in 10 minutes. What, are you kidding? I am not in

any position for an interview right now. I mean, here I was packing up my

stuff in my overalls and sneakers! My VPVP said she told the hiring manager

that and he didn''t care. Oh, what was I to do. I knew I had to just go

for it and try my best, even if I wasn''t at all prepared. So I did, and

that night I was extended the job offer ? a promotion at that!

? So here is where I stand today, in my new position 7 months now as

the Asst. Controller handling all the finances for the division. Every day

when I think I can''t do something I remind myself how much I have already


B.) Explain what you hope to gain from your experience at this college:

? I hope to learn from the knowledge of the professors. I am

particularly interested in this program since the professors have work


? You can add whatever else will be appropriate here

C.) Discuss your future academic and career goals:

? I would like to further my education when I complete this program. I

have become a life long student and have found immense satisfaction in

learning all I can.

? Career goals, continuing in the HR field. I would like to further my

knowledge in other HR related areas such as compensation and benefits. I

hope to be promoted to an officer in the next year. As with any position,

I always want to give back to others. I have done this through my work

with State Street''s volunteer group. I am on a board of ambassadors who

serve the State Street community in various events ? Walk for Hunger,

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Boston Food Bank, the United Way etc. I am

also going to lead a group of 2nd graders for the Junior Achievement

program at a Quincy Elementary school in January. This program will be 1 a

week for 45 minutes teaching the students about various social-economic

conditions that face out community.

Please let me know if you need other info, I was just trying to give you

the highlights best I could.
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Title: Arts and Sciences

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Essay Instructions: I was very please with the last order #A1148341 and would like writer's username: pheelyks to complete this order as well. For this order I need a 3 page outline from the information that will be sent via e-mail. I will then convert the info into powerpoint. The second project (4 pages) consist of completing the Final Project Outline from info gather from the previous project. Answering the question for the final project. (example. Self-Discovery, The college experience, etc.) Again, I just need the outline completed, I will convert it into power-point. Any question, please contact me @ (409) 656-8882 at any time. Thanks Fred
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Essay Instructions: Hello,

I am in the process of applying for a master's degree program and one part of the application requirement is to submit a personal statement regarding my interests and goals for the program. This requirement is fluff and I'm not very good at that so I thought I'd call in a professional. They don't know anything about me so you can write anything you want as long as it sounds good and meets what they're looking for. I need a 1 or 2 page statement. Feel free to make it as short or as long as you need it so it makes sense and will impress.

Here are the specific application instructions for the statement needed:

**Attach a statement regarding your interest in this field using the following points as the basis for your
• when and why you decided you wanted to study and work in this field
• subsequent considerations or developments that have held your interest in the field
• your strongest assets
• why you feel you would be successful in the program
• present limitations or weaknesses and conditions you feel might cause difficulties in your
graduate work or professional activities.

Your application cannot be processed without it. Please respond fully to each point.**

-Here is a little input on why I chose this program. Feel free to use any of this or not. Just give them the fluff they want so I can get in.
Q1: After attempting a career in the aviation industry, I recently realized I was pursuing the wrong career field. As a veteran college student, I love the college experience coupled with athletics. I would truly love to work for a university in this area.
Q2: Not sure what they want. I have had a lifelong interest in college athletics, and I have regularly participated in organized football and baseball leagues since a youth. Athletics are one of my passions in life and I could think of nothing better than to work at university with all the tradition and pageantry that athletic programs offer to students, alumni, and the community it serves.
Q3: Make something up please.
Q4: I have prior graduate experience. I recently completed a Master's of Science degree in Aviation Safety at the end of 2006 with a 4.0 GPA. I have since continued my education with a 4.0 GPA in an online master's program at Delta State University studying Commercial Aviation beginning in Janurary 2007. Most importantly, I am passionate about university athletics and I am fully committed to succeeding in this program and career path.
Q5: Weakness: Having only a superficial knowledge of Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. However, I am confident that this program at a university rich with athletic tradition will be the perfect atmosphere to learn what I need in order to be successful in my future career.

Program description: M.Ed. in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration
Intercollegiate athletics is increasingly becoming an important and complex administrative function in higher education. The intercollegiate athletics administration concentration focuses specifically on organizational, administrative, managerial, financial, marketing, and legal issues related to intercollegiate athletics. This concentration prepares students for careers in higher education and other related organizations.

Thanks for your help
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