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Title: Experience how I came to the usa

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Essay Instructions: College Essay
There are the points i would like to include but you would know better:
- I came to the USA my sophomore year alone, with no parents, didn't know english (only basic stuff...hello how are you and what are you doing)
- I finished high school in Russia when i was 16. When i was a sophomore in america i was being a senior in russia. i was basically attending two school in 2010-2011. i was emailing homework to russia and had to study on my own and then take quizzes and tests. whenever i would go for a break from the us to russia i had to go to school there. at the end of my russian senior year i took the exam and i passed it.
- having no family was harder than i expected. communicating and finding friends was worse
- it was my decision to come to the us. since my 3rd grade i dreamed about it because i just felt it was something for me. and now i love it i fit in here perfectly. i would like to stay here.

would you email me if you need more information. i would like it to be not really long probably 350 words. please contact me if you have questions. here is my cell phone in case: thank you!

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Essay Instructions: College essay
The question they asked me is
"Please describe your past academic experiences and your reasons for wishing to enroll to the University of Maryland at this point in your academic career."

Here is a little info about myself
I am a 20 year old African American Female. I attended Prince George's Community College for 2 years. I want to do pre dentistry at the University of Maryland and further my education by going to Dental school then becoming an orthodontist.

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Title: Unique Activity and Your Community

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Essay Instructions: I will attached 3 files. "Unique Activity" is an answer to a college essay question, tell us about activities you will engage in on our campus. I only have one paragraph. Please add to make a full page. Then proofread and edit so it is flawless.

"R1Community" is an answer to the question, tell us about the community you are from and what makes you unique. Please add material from the file, "YourCommunity", and make this essay a full 2 pages. Then proofread and edit so it is flawless.

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Title: File Sharing

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Essay Instructions: Writing 101: File Sharing Essay

This assignment will be much more like a typical college essay you may be assigned in other courses. You will be given a broad topic, and you will be expected to narrow down your subject to a specific THESIS, and write an ARGUMENT in support of that thesis.

You will write an essay that takes and supports a position on a specific subject related to illegal file sharing.
Please notice that the task does not ask you to simply write a paper about file asks for some specific things:

1. narrow your subject down, but keep it related to illegal file sharing

2. take and support a position: this paper is to be an argument.

3. underline the thesis statement
Work to narrow your focus and develop your ideas with thorough support.

The following are the minimum requirements for your essay. If your paper does not meet these requirements, there is a very good chance you will not be happy with your grade:

• Use MLA Format
• Your paper must be directly in response to the above topic. Informative papers about file downloading will not be accepted. Be specific with your points--you are trying to prove something.
• Avoid being accused of plagiarism--make your paper uniquely specific.
• Your paper must be at least onto the 4th page. Papers that do not meet this requirement will suffer extreme point reductions.
You will be more successful in your essay if you do the following:
• Stay specific with your topic. Remember, you are only writing about one specific point about file sharing....not necessarily about why it is always good or always bad. Think about what issue you want to tackle, and what position you want to argue on that issue.
• You will not be graded on what your opinion is, but you will be graded on how you present and support it the ideas. Be passionate, but (much more important) be logical and academic, also. Find an effective mix of professionalism and verve.
• Use a specific introduction and conclusion to frame your argument.

I'll be grading your essay based on the following criteria. Please read these carefully, as they are slightly different from other essays' grading criteria.

Focus (25 points)
You should pick a topic/focus that requires discussion or debate. The more interesting and successful topics will be those that are not the obvious ones (Most artists are against file sharing), but rather other aspects that may not be talked about so much. This means that doing some light research (Google, magazines, library, MySpace, wherever) and learning more about the topic will be to your benefit. You should be only looking at ONE aspect of the file sharing umbrella topic.

Development (25 points)
As you argue for your one point concerning file sharing, really get in there and explain how and why your point is the correct way to think about this issue.
Remember, you need to consider you audience as people who have not made their minds up yet, so you need to persuade them--don't let them make up their own minds...tell them what to think and why!

Organization (25 points)
Closely linked with focus and development, the organization of your essay allows you to reach and persuade your audience in the most effective way possible. Your explanations should be grouped together and related to your appropriate topic sentences. On the larger scale, your paper should present your support reasons in a logical order. Use your introduction and conclusion to frame your argument.

Mechanics (25 points)
Edit! Edit! Edit! Make your language smooth...Make it better--not just good enough. Remember, you are trying to wow your audience. Make this something that interests them and that they want to read. Proofread! Proofread! Proofread! Your paper should have NO mistakes in spelling, grammar, and MLA format.
I like writer username: bolavens

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