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Title: 2 The Role of a College Education in the US Labor Market

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3079 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Each student will prepare and submit a final application paper of approximately 10 ? 12 pages. This paper will involve some research on a topic related to the course.

The Role of a College Education in the US Labor Market

This paper will require students to use outside references to assess the issue they are studying. The paper should be properly referenced and all works cited, double-spaced, and the title page does not count as a page in terms of length. Graphs and charts can be used, but they will be supplemental and not counted toward the papers length.

This paper should be submitted via the course assignment tool no later than December 15.

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Title: Education

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1463 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Text book; Chellenging Perspectives by Holdstein
CHEAT HOUSE PAGE 420,Stevenson PAGE 422-427
Research the ways college education has been denigrated into a consumer experience. Look at grade inflation, cheating, and plagiarism for your research.
Must have cleaer thesis statement,too.

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay stating what is the benefit of a college education in the law enforcement profession and how will you utilize an enhanced education in your career goals.

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Essay Instructions: Module 1 - Case

Thinking like an economist: The basic vocabulary of the field

Production Possibilities Curve

The Production Possibilities Curve is an economic model that is used to represent many economic concepts such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and efficiency.

Required Case Readings:

Rittenberg L. and T. Tregarthen (2009). Chapter 1 (sections 1-3): Economics: The Study of Choice Principles of Microeconomic Analysis. Retrieved June 6, 2011 from: click here

Rittenberg L. and T. Tregarthen (2009). Chapter 2 (sections 1-4): Confronting Scarcity: Choices in Production Principles of Microeconomic Analysis. Retrieved June 6, 2011 from: click here

After reading the materials listed above, please address the following questions in a 4-5 page essay:

1. How does a college education increase one?s human capital?

2. Does your college tuition fully reflect the opportunity cost to you of taking the course? What is your personal opportunity cost of taking this course?

Review the Case in Point essay ?The European Union and the Production Possibilites Curve,? in section 4 of Chapter 2 in the Principles of Microeconomics online text listed above to address the following two questions.

3. Does a reduction in trade barriers cause a country to move closer to its production possibilities curve or does it cause the production possibilities curve to shift outward? What factors would cause the production possibilities curve to shift outward (economic growth)?

4. Using the same case, what role did comparative advantage play in trade among member nations? What was the effect on the standard of living among trading nations?

Case Assignment Expectations:

Use concepts from the modular background readings as well as any good quality resources you can find from the cyberlibrary or other internet search engines. Please be sure to cite all sources within the text and a reference list at the end of the paper.

Length: 4-5 pages double spaced and typed

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Your ability to understand fundamental economic concept such as opportunity costs.

Some in-text references to the modular background readings (APA formatting not required).

The essay should address each element of the assignment. Remember to support your answers with solid references including the case readings.

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