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Instructions for Collapse Of The Soviet Empire College Essay Examples

Title: Collapse of Soviet Union

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay end of the cold war (How did it end? Why did Soviet collapse. Identify three of the most important factors (events, condition of collapse of the soviet empire.)

Essay needs (1 intro, 3 body paragraphs, 1 conclusion )
each key point for 3 body paragraph

Fall of Soviet Union
1. Invasion of Afghanistan
2. Glasnost / Perestroika
3. Solidarity
4. Hungary, Bulgaria. Czechoslovakia, Romania
5. East Germany
6. Yeltsin
7. Common wealth of Independent States
8. NATO Expansion
9. Prague Treaty

These are some of the factors of collapse.
Please use three key factors that you think it is important for the collapse of Soviet Union from that 9 lists.

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