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Title: Please write a paper Colgate Palmolive's international financial manager This individual charge international financial management company Also describe position hold firm What background Discuss approach managing foreign risks Give examples

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Essay Instructions: Please write a paper about Colgate Palmolive's international financial manager. This is the individual who is in charge of international financial management at your company. Also, describe the position they hold in the firm?

What is his or her background?

Discuss his or her approach to managing foreign risks? Give examples.

* Research and provide illustrations of how your firm manages international finance and FX risk.
* List supporting references and cite sources.

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Excerpt From Essay:

While political and economic instability as well as foreign legal and regulatory requirements are inherent risks of conducting global business operations, the focus for Messrs. Patrick and Hickey is geared toward the identification and successful mitigation of financial risk specifically, "foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates, commodity price fluctuations, and macroeconomic conditions in major markets" (Colgate- Palmolive Annual Report 2009).

The techniques utilized by the CFO to mitigate financial risk factors comprise a global strategy to protect and hedge existing value while seeking profitable growth opportunities. The CFO works to manage the "volatility relating to these exposures by utilizing a number of techniques, including working capital management, selling price increases, selective borrowings in local currencies, and entering into selective derivative instrument transactions" (Colgate- Palmolive Annual Report 2009). Looking specifically at one strategy, selective derivative instruments; the goal of hedging currency risks can be explicated.


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