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Instructions for Cognitive Development College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Find scholarly journals containing information on cognitive development, language development, social development, or memory and the brain in children and infants. Find 4 articles on a topic that interests you the most. You are to critique the articles and include the following information:


Write a 7 page critique of the articles

Summary/Overview: Include the purpose of the article, which includes the main points, procedures, results, and conclusion. Make sure your summary is in your ?own? words and is substantive, clear, and concise.

The Critique: Include your reaction to the paper as well as a critical analysis. This should be the bulk of you paper. Be specific and state your points clearly. Provide examples or other detailed information to support your main points. Some points to consider for your critique:

Strengths/weaknesses of the methodology used for the study.
Criticism of the author?s point of view
Personal experience as it relates to the topic at hand

Relate the information found in the 4 articles to your topic and explain what you have learned from the research.

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the influences on the physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development of a child. Give equal consideration to the following factors in your response: Heredity, Culture, Nutrition and Parental Affection.

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Title: Cognitive Development in Toddlers Individual differences in Locomotor Ability

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1681 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This research paper is based on replication of an article "Infants use handrails as tools in a locomotor task", by Sarah E. Berger and Karen E. Adolph (I'll provide an article). For this research paper all I need for now is Introduction (5 pages). I already have written introduction based on the replication of an article. What needs to be done is to incorporate new articles(I'll provide articles) into this existing introduction(I'll provide this as well) and expand this introduction further.

Introduction: I have to use all information from written introduction and to expended it with new articles.
In this section purpose of the research is basically lab review( all information provided in written introduction), need to have a flow, setting up a story why is it important to do this research. Setting up background literature. Find major outlines of the study, major important parts of the study. Then tell what my study is going actually to do, why my study is unique compare to others that been done. Describe exactly what I am going to do without being too specific.( all of the answers based on this questions can be found in already written introduction).
The title of my research paper is "Cognitive Development in Toddlers: Exploring Individual Differences in Locomotor Ability." I would like this paper to be written in simple language form.
Thank you.
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Title: Cognitive Development in Toddlers Interrelationship Between Motor Skills and Task Performance

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1552 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Future research: title "Cognitive development in toddlers: interrelationship between motor skills and task performance".
Purpose: Elaborate on section of discussion(I'll provide discussion section) highlighting future research directions.
Assignment: Integrate future research ideas with existing literature. Why is more research needed? What evidence exists that these are good ideas to pursue? Predictions about what future research will reveal.
With newer literature review: Generous limits (if money and time was no obstacle). Create (what I would have done). Illustrate (“is it set up…” done before and not adequate). Also, I'll be providing 6 articles and written research paper on "Cognitive development in toddlers: Exploring individual differences in locomotor ability".

Outline: Future research (outline format)
Expected results (important findings)
- “I expected to find”…..
Why (is there a hole)
- Because previous research suggests (to site other literature for that)
I. Summary of existing research, including your own.
II. Motivation for study (evidence that new research is needed)
- Summary of what is missing
- New suggestions raised
III. What you would do if money and time were no object. (procedure) sample questions- focusing on topics such as…..(to be more specific and not general)
IV. Predicted results
V. Explanation for predictions
I would like this to be written in simple language form
Thank you

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