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Title: The Cloning of Biological Organisms

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1252 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Just write a very detailed research paper about the cloning of humans and as much that can be said about this topic. Make sure to use at least 2-3 sources using MLA format.

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Title: cloning

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3743 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like a six page paper on cloning in Rogerian argument form along with a five page annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography must summarize, assess, and reflect on each source; I figured it cuold fit on five pages. A works cited page must be included with the paper. I have faxed the following: 1. Assignment handout 2. Rogerian argument outline 3. Essay with Rogerian argument form (for an example of Rogerian use) 4. (2) handouts on annotated bibliography
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Title: Human Cloning

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3829 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Scenario: You are the representative for a morally active group and you must compile an effective analysis of the group to present to your area senator. This analysis is an argumentative report to expose the purpose for continuing the group, evaluate goals which the group or organization has met and reveal the importance for continuing the group. You must provide strong claims, supports and warrants in your analysis and make sure that the analysis is focused and clearly organized.

Objective: To convince your senator that the government should continue to fund your group.

Tasks: 1. Give detailed examples of the success that the group has accomplished over the period of time it has been established.
2. Examine the purpose for governmental funding for the group. Make sure to answer the question: why does the money need to come from the government and not from another source?
3. Examine the purpose for continuing the group and how it benefits the community.

Be sure to use only 4 sources directly from the internet and all of the others from either books, magazines, or any credited sources. No block quote!

Please note that the paper should be against human cloning. The paper should started from this specific order: history of cloning, process of cloning, claimed benefit of human cloning, supports against cloning (ex. cloning is morally wrong, cloning alter family institution, cloning is dangerous-health risks from mutation of genes, emotional risks,and risk of abuse of the technology), social benefit if human cloning is prohibited, the reason why the group need support, and, lastly, funding proposal.

This paper is to be used for college junior so please make sure that the vocabularies are not too advance. But, please make sure that the grammars and sentences are correct.

I'll be incorporated picture diagram so please explain the cloning process.

This is one of the website that I would like you to use as one of the sources for the citation:

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Title: Cloning

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3309 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The written report should be typed and should contain:

A cover page
An introduction
The body of the report - (References: Use APA style when quoting or describing the thoughts of others)
A list of references (Use APA style)

The problem; what is currently being done about it by the industry involved, the government and private citizens; and what you think should be done to solve it.

Issues of Environmental Ethics; identify any ethical issues and controversies that have been discussed in class.

Identify and analyze if there are any occupational health and safety implications (problems, accidents, potential worker issues, potential public health issues, successful mitigation/controls connected with your problem.

Identify persons or conditions responsible for the problems, provide your thoughts on how the problem should be addressed and include a solid argument supporting your position.)

Identify and analyze if there are any air pollution aspects connected with your problem.

Identify and analyze if there are any water quality problems associated with your environmental problem.

My submitted abstract: Please try to work close to this as possible but not required.

Scientists have recently declared that the flourishing idea of cloning a sheep as well as the prospect in cloning a human being is one of the most exciting and shocking examples of scientific innovation. The same scientific innovation has also become one of the largest and controversial issues today. An assortment of scientists, legal professionals, physicians and mass media figures have been adding fuel to the fire by revealing issues of fear and apprehensions on the ethical and moral side of the topic of cloning and the cloning of a human being for the purposes of losing a loved one or even building extra body parts. Since the discovery of stem cells and other scientific improvements in cellular biology, lawmakers have been urged to sign letters of petition to ban such research of using stem cell research to create new body organs for the purposes of transplantation.

Utilizing ordinary cells, scientists have been able to avoid the controversy concerning the use of aborted fetuses and discarded embryos for organ development. The current technology of tissue creation has allowed scientists to help people across the United States with items such as skin patches that have successfully healed skin sores. These same scientists have engineered ways to use polymers to form molds into where the cells can continue to grow and eventually take shape. Francois Auger, a disease specialist and inventor of artificial blood vessels states that ?cells will do the prescribed work if they are treated properly?. The issue aside from ethical and moral issues concerning cloning in the creation of extra body parts currently is conceiving ready-made organs that can be genetically created that would block the signals that create immune responses and not cause infection and rejection.

My submitted thesis statement: Please try to work close to this as possible but not required.

When the idea of cloning first started to be reported in the news there was a mixture of emotions, both positive and negative from society. Some felt it was the greatest scientific accomplishment ever and others felt as if it were opening Pandora?s Box. Of course the thought of cloning human beings was one of the first things on everyone's mind. Currently the idea of cloning is not as shocking as it once was due to the recent cloning of pigs, goats and of course Dolly the sheep. Some worried that if we continue to clone animals; wouldn?t there be an issue with the rising population of these animals that would make the cycle of life unbalanced? What about human beings, what if we started to clone them, wouldn?t the same issue be there, especially in a society where population control already seems to be an issue.

I feel that cloning should have strict limits and codes in its use. The reasoning behind the cloning must be looked at very closely as to why in fact the need for cloning is there. Would it be to clone a human to reproduce organs to save another persons life? If so, what happens to the rest of the cloned human? Do we kill it without being morally wrong to both society and religious rules and expectations? Also, what if the success of cloning gets into a persons grasp that has nothing but bad intentions with evil motives? Then what do we do? Again, I feel that cloning is not something that should be used frequently and there should be very strict limitations on its use.

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