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Title: english

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Essay Instructions: Classification - Pafting people, place, things, ideas into groups according to their characteristics.

1) Choose a plural topic
2) Decide on a principle which you will use to classify
3) Establish classes, or groups
4) Decide if you are doing a simple or complex classification
5) Avoid overlapping categories
6) Classification: Dividing a topic into categories
7) Principle - choose a criteria to classify your topic
8) Avoid overlapping topic
9) With complex class, besure the subcategories are clear
Choose one of the following topic to write about:

1) Discuss contemporary social classes in a particular community, region or country.

2) Using "Nobel, Peasants and Clergy" as a model, write about the subdivisions within a particular company (such as management, sales, manufacturing, distribution, etc.) or within any other particular organization Name the organization.

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Title: Inmate Classification in Iowa Inmate Classification The

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Essay Instructions: Classification is an important tool in proson facilities throughout the country. Discuss the use of classification in prison facilities in the state of Iowa. First, identify the purpose of classification in the prison system. Next, using exaamples found on the Iowa department of corrections web site, explain how classification systems are used to place offenders.

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Title: Sports Announcers

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Essay Instructions: CLASSIFICATION Paper :

Please write a classification paper on Sports Announcers. Aim for around 500 words. Determine your purpose and audience, select appropriate categories, decide how many you will discuss, develop them with specific details, and arrange them in an effective order (least important, more important, most important often work well).

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Title: Styles of Parenting

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Essay Instructions: Classification Essay. Minimum three categories. 12pt. Font. Double Spaced. Subject- Parenting Styles. Thesis Statement.
1. Determine the categories.
2. Classify by a single principle.
3. Support equally each category with examples.

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