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Title: Classical Conditioning

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Essay Instructions: Classical conditioning learning

Use the example: The blue light special at Kmart. Watch what happens when the blue light is turned on. Cost conscious shoppers will make a beeline to that table because they assosciate a good sale with the blue light.
(And, research proves that people are more likely to by the sale item under the blue light even if the item isn't a good value.)
Describe the concept of classic conditioning very well.
Conditioning Stimulus
Unconditioned Response
Unconditioned Stimulus
Netrual Stimulus
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Title: How classical conditioning principles can and have been applied to the understanding and treatment of phobias

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Essay Instructions: The title of the assignment is: Outline how classical conditioning priciples can, & have been, applied to the understanding & treatment of phobias. The subject in this psychology degree is Learning. I need at least 8 references. To support your argument you will need to find & discuss appropriate research based articles. The references must be of appropriate academic level not just general text books but research based articles. You MUST reference ALL through the body of the assignment with the references that you use ie) at least every couple of sentences must be referenced as you are basing your research & assignment on other peoples work (this is very important). I can give you some referenes that the instructor has given usus through the course website if you like, feel free to contact me anytime on the above emailemail address. The instructor is looking for a concise informed discussion on this topic. The text book we were given for this course is Learning & Behaviour by Mazur. I can give you additional resources from the course website if you wish. There should be extensive researh based articles available on Pavlov & classical conditioning etc. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Bouton, ME and Bolles, RC. 1979. "Role of conditioned contextual stimuli in reinstatement of extinguished fear." Journal of Experimental Psychology: 368 to 378,

McCallister DE and McCallister WR. 1994. "Extinction and reconditioning of classically conditioned fear before and after instrumental fear learning." Learning and Motivation 25: 339-367.

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Title: Your supervisor asked review basics team Although part job description feels team evaluate basic marketing techniques In a report discuss marketers classical conditioning concepts repetition stimulus discrimination advertisements marketing campaigns

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Essay Instructions: Your supervisor has asked you to review the basics with your team. Although this is not part of your job description, he feels the team should evaluate some basic marketing techniques. In a report, discuss how marketers use classical conditioning concepts (such as repetition and stimulus discrimination) in their advertisements and marketing campaigns. Your report should provide examples.

In a 600?800-word report to your supervisor, discuss how marketers use classical conditioning concepts in their advertisements and marketing campaigns. Answer the following questions in your presentation:

Which classical conditioning concepts (such as repetition and stimulus discrimination) do marketers use in their advertisements and marketing campaigns? Give examples.
Which companies do you think have been effective with cobranding, brand extensions, and/or licensing?
What opportunities are out there for your company regarding cobranding and/or licensing?
Because your company is a large company, could there be any opportunities for brand extensions or family branding?
Why might this be a good/bad idea for the company and its new product?
Excerpt From Essay:

Cherry, K. (2013). What is stimulus generalization? Retrieved April 14, 2013 from

PsychPost. (2012). Classical conditioning: Super Bowl 2012 ads. Everyday Psychology. Retrieved April 14, 2013 from

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Title: Final Paper Outline Annotated Bibliography For assignment create outline annotated bibliography basis Final Paper Review criteria Final Paper Week Five Your outline a heading required conditioning theories classical conditioning operant conditioning neobehaviorism

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Essay Instructions: Final Paper Outline/Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment, you must create an outline and annotated bibliography that will be used as the basis for your Final Paper. Review the criteria for your Final Paper in Week Five of this course.

Your outline should contain a heading for each of the three required conditioning theories (classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and neobehaviorism). Each heading should have a one- to two sentence description of that theory. Under each heading, you must include sub-headings as outlined below, with a two-to three sentence description of each. The description should demonstrate that you have done significant research, evaluation, and critical thinking on the issues related to each theory as well as its application to various learning environments. For example:


A. Describe the major principles associated with this theory.
B. Explain the contributions of the major theorists who worked to develop this theory.
C. Define the major principles associated within this theory as they relate to the psychology of learning.
D. Summarize how this theory makes use of prior experience in explaining how people learn.
E. Describe how this theory explains how permanent change in behavior takes place.
F. Apply this theory to a real world setting (e.g., schools, treatment facilities, businesses, social activities).

The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years. Each source should include a brief description of the source and a summary of how it is relevant to the topic of your paper.

Your outline and annotated bibliography must adhere to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. You can also find samples of each in the Ashford Writing Center, which is located under the ?Learning Resources? tab in the left-hand navigation panel of your classroom.

Your assignment should be three to five pages in length and organized as follows:

a. Title Page (one page)
b. Outline (one to two pages)
c. Annotated Bibliography (one to two pages)
Excerpt From Essay:

This study on NeoBehaviorism showed how previous research "has sought to mathematically describe the relation between operant choice responding and reinforcement" (p. 642). The study will allow the researcher to show the difference between choices that are operant in nature or conditioned in nature.

Moore, J.; (2010) Philosophy of science with special consideration given to behaviorism as the philosophy of the science of behavior, Psychological Record, Vol. 60, Issue 1, pp. 137 -- 150

This study provided background information on the science of behaviorism and its history. It was intended to "prepare readers for subsequent discussions on behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and the meaning of mental terms" (p. 137). Information from this study will provide a broader understanding of the background of behaviorism and its future.

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