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Title: Civilization

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1887 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Civilization: What happened to the progress and promise of liberal "civilization" at the turn of the century? Did liberalism's own errors help bring about crises of political tension, class struggle, anti-Semitism, nationalism imperalism, fascism, and finally global war? What did "modernism" mean in this context? Was European civilization fatally destined to "tragedy?"

use from central texts, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig, Aspects of Western Civilization, 6th Edition by Perry M. Rogers.
You have to develop your thesis and evidence, situate the authors in historical context, and demonstrate you've carefully read the texts.How well you do depends on whether or not your work is organized and logical, has thoughtful examples, and reaches covincing conclusions.

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Essay Instructions: Title of paper: Civilization or Brutalism?
Thesis: The justice system should outlaw capital punishment in the State of North Carolina because it does not stop or slow crime.
Focus: Draw strong and clear connectin between the thesis and significant related ideas
ORGANIZATION: Effectively proved a logical progression of related ideas and supporting information in the bodt of the paper
Effectively uses transitions to connect supporting information clearly. Arrive at a well doucmented logical conclusion, involving critical thinking
SUPPORT/ELABORATION: Effectively synthesizes complex ideas from research sources. demonstrate exceptional selection of supporting information clearly relevant to the thesis and its related ideas

Paper will be submitted through turnitin and should have less the 10% plagism
Write in third person

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Essay Instructions: World History to 1500" has been a course about, among other things, the importance of encounters between civilizations. What has happened as different civilizations encountered one another has been at least as important for world history as any developments within a given civilization. You are to write an essay that describes the importance for world history of any two encounters between civilizations that we have covered in this course.

There are many possibilities here! I am not looking for any two particular encounters; I can imagine quite a few one could make an argument for. This means that you will have to think deeply over what you have learned this semester, and prioritize two examples to make the best case you can. Remember that you are making an argument. Use specific examples to support it.

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Title: Ancient Civilizations Greek Roman Hellenistic

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2569 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 3 essay questions- Each question needs 4-8 paragraphs essay style and to be kept separate.Any quotes or paraphrases from an outside source MUST BE CITED in Turabian format (see Writing Guide in course information for more details).

Civilizations discussed and to be included The origins of Western Civilization in the Ancient Near East-Prehistoric Humanity (3000-1200 B.C.E, Mesopotamia and Egypt (3000-12000 B.C.E.), Hebrews, Assyrians, Persians1800-500 B.C.E), The Rise of GreekCivilization (1100-387 B.C.E), The Helenistic World (387-30 B.C.E), The Roman Republic (753-27 B.C.E), and The Roman Empire (27 B.C.E. ??" 284 C.E)

1. Of the civilizations we have studied thus far in this course, which do you believe has contributed the most to our present society and why? You must state you case by giving specific examples based on reading and research.
2.Analyze the role that Geography played in any three civilizations we have studied thus far. How did it harm/help/influence the culture of the civilizations in question?

3. What was the function of religion in these ancient civilizations? How did it help to shape them, or how was it shaped by them? Compare and contrast the religions of two civilizations in your response.

Please keep separate. 4-8 paragraphs per answer some may be more some less. use 6 as an average

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