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Title: Civil Disobedience

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Essay Instructions: Civil Disobedience and other essays by Henry David Thoreau is the name of the book. What i need you to write is about the Civil Disobedience (1849) essay which is the first section of the book, about 18 pages. It would be nice if you described what kinda writer henry david thoreau is based on that Civil Disobedience essay and give examples supported by the text. What i know about him so far, is that he's a proactive writer, all over the place, Not consistant. For the level of writing, make it in between high school and college, dont make it look like im a genius. Also analyze a couple of texts and explain them breifly of how it might affect the society or something like that. Remember that its not the whole book, its about the first section which is titled Civil disobedience. Use ordinary font, 3 pages double spaced.

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Essay Instructions: Class: Introduction to Philosophy

In a 4 Page Essay - MLA Style:

Discuss the trial and death of Socrates (in relation to Socrates' life) and the philosophical ideas of the Apology and the Crito. Relate the ideas to the traditions of civil disobedience espoused by Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. What do you think of these ideas of civil disobedience?

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Title: Justice in Civil Disobedience

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Essay Instructions: In Henry David Thoreau’s, “Civil Disobedience”, he argues that in order to achieve justice as citizens we must sometimes refuse to obey unjust laws enforced by the government. Please discuss whether or not you agree with how the author deals with the issue.

• This essay must be at least 1000 words in length.
• All essays should be typed, double spaced, written in 12-point font.
• You should use at least two sources in your writing. One primary source and at least one secondary source (No Wikipedia).
• Your paper should be free of writing errors. There should be evidence of proof reading, and editing.
• Use MLA format for all of your citations.
• Your paper should include a Works Cited page.

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Title: Civil Disobedience

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Essay Instructions: This paper is on the topic on civil disobedience. Specifically, on individuals who have risen up against the government - willing to take the consequences because it is a noble cause they're standing up for.
Please follow this outline:
1) Introduction: What is civil disobedience? Elaborate on this.
2) Individual Examples: Please talk about (a) dissidents from around the world, (b) Rosa Parks, and (c) Vietnam war resisters. These should be examples of people who have stood against injustice, immorality, etc., etc.
3) Closing.
Again, the goal of this paper is to talk about the subject of civil disobedience, and the philosophical questions it poses. Then, the goal is to talk about specific people who have risen up against something, or some government. These people are fully aware that by standing up, they will be punished. But they are willing to take that punishment because they know that what they are doing is right morally -- although it may not be legal.

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