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Title: City Town Re imaging using Sport strategies

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Essay Instructions: City/Town Re-imaging using Sport strategies
Today cities and towns are concerned about the image(s) they portray to potential visitors as well as to
their own local communities. Therefore, many urban areas endeavour to re-image themselves in order to
attract investment, tourism and an increase in professionals living within them. This makes cities and
towns very competitive against one another (Page and Hall, 2003: Smith, 2001). This re-imaging
process takes place through place marketing:
The tourism industry is in the business of selling places. Place is commodified
through the process of marketing. The primary goal of a place marketer is to
construct a new image of the place to replace either vague or negative images
previously held by residents, investors and visitors (Page and Hall, 2003)
In pursuing this goal, the tourism industry and the destination are actively trying
to influence the meaning that is attached to a particular area.
(Hinch and Higham 2004:109)
Your task therefore, is to research a town or city in the UK and reimage it by using sport strategies.
Considering the above points firstly you need to identify a town or city within the UK which you feel could
benefit from sport related re-imaging. This may be achieved by reading national newspapers which are
available in the digital library in the LRC, or alternatively by using other media sources.
In addition your report should include as a minimum considerations relating to:
? Demonstrate your rationale for choosing your city or town, giving evidence of any current poor
? Analyse the urban regeneration issues relating to your chosen city/town
? Identify the stakeholders that contribute to urban development programmes and evaluate their
interests in any renewal programme
? Using theoretical strategies (e.g. Smith 2001 and 2005) suggest a desired new or altered image
that would contribute to positive and sustainable urban renewal using sport.
? Branding your city or town is a good way to sell it globally therefore your strategy should also
incorporate a proposal on how you wish your chosen town to be marketed, many cities or towns
use slogans to this end and you may wish to do the same.
? There are always limitations that can be achieved and recognition of these need to be identified
and critically analysed as to whether they can be overcome.
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Title: city hall plaza boston

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Essay Instructions: City hall Plaza, Boston

Write two pages relating to the site plan issues buildings and the public spaces related to city hall plaza in Boston.

Some issues that could be addressed include

1. Architecture as it pertains to site. That would include building placement, materiality, forms, streets, vehicles, pedestrians, and human scale.

2. Other Plaza site elements that are placed on the plaza and at its edges. Are they useful and for what purpose?

3. Landscape elements

4. Slope/ Contour changes of the Plaza caused by connections to the road systems that surround the City Hall Plaza

5. ADA responses

6. Location of the Entrance

7.Placement, form, detail and scale of other buildings that surround the plaze and the affect they have on the space of the plaza. Their connection to other space.

8. Relationship between historical building and contemporary architectural style.

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Title: city corridor

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Essay Instructions: City corridors: Using a method of public transportation such as the Metro bus or Metro rail in Los Angeles , travel the entire route (from beginning to end, or if you start in the middle make a round trip so that you cover both ends). Blus bus is not quite as good as it doesn?t cover a long distance; ideally you want something that also covers LA downtown. If you are using underground rail, get down to visit at least a couple of stops to see what is happening above ground.
1) Where did your route go?
2) What kinds of people were on the mode of transport in different places?
3) What surprised you about the neighborhoods surrounding the different stops?
4) Why do you think that this particular route goes where it does?
5) How do you think that the time of day or day of the week affected the types and
number of other riders?
4 pages double-space.

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Title: marketing plan for opening a doggie day care

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Essay Instructions: City Paws the daycare with a heart

I would like for my doggie day care to donate a certain profit of sales to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The doggie day care will be located in Boston.

Since a lot of daycares and boutiques are quite froufrou my doggie daycare would be more in the “Have a Heart League” I think the angle my daycare should have, is to make it really involved in helping out The Animal Rescue League of Boston. People who bring their dogs to my daycare could volunteer at the rescue league and a certain profit from the day care will also go towards the rescue league.

Bottom line. If you had a choice to bring your dog to a very nice upscale daycare OR a very nice upscale day care that also contributes towards shelters, (knowing that your money is making a difference) which place would you choose?

Dog lovers, are generally big hearted social people, so people would not only have the satisfaction of getting there dog taken care of but they would also have the satisfaction of knowing there money will go towards helping other animals too.

I want to offer a premier, higher end quality doggie day care at affordable prices.
Chapter 1 Already completed. Summary of pet/doggie day care business in general

Chapter 2 Profile 3 other higher end/upscale doggie day cares in Boston (preferably) or in Massachusetts

Chapter 3 Describing my pet business, City Paws
What I hope to accomplish

Chapter 4 SWOT Analysis

Chapter 5 Marketing Plan

Also, interview 2 or 3 other people in the doggie day care business, asking them similar questions about opening a doggie day care.
Incorporate some of the answers into the paper.

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