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Title: Realism

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2606 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need an Essay on Realism and how it is presented in the film CITIZEN KANE.

Please reference these materials: "The Evolution of the Language of Cinema" by Andre Bazin; "ROSEBUD" by David Thomson; "Perspectives on CITIZEN KANE" by Ronald Gottesman; "Realism and Popular Cinema".

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Title: Critical Film Analysis on Citizen Kane

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Essay Instructions: Watch documentary movie CITIZEN KANE (this movie with Orson Wells and was boycotted by the Hearst family when it was released because it appeared to resemble his lifestyle) While watching, make notes of various shots, music and lighting used throughout the film. Include observations such as whether or not lap dissolves exist, talk about the mis en scene, whether there are crane shots, closeups, deep focus shots, etc. Put this all together into a two-page essay describing the various shots and music used throughout the film

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Title: Expressive Works of Art

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Essay Instructions: If films are expressive works of art, how is their meaning expressed?

Everyone has seen-at one time or another-Welles' "Citizen Kane." What affect did the film have on the film industry in general and the director as artist in particular?

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Title: movies

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Essay Instructions: Three American films (Citizen Kane, Meet John Doe, and either Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or His Girl Friday) which were made during a highly important and volatile period in American political history: 1939-1941. Choose one of the two prompts bellow...

1) Compare and contrast the depictions of newspapers, journalists, the masses (newspaper readers/voters/citizens), politicians and/or big business in Citizen Kane, Meet John Doe and either His Girl Friday or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Identify the common themes and differences in the ways the films portray these subjects and try to draw some conclusions about the directors’ visions of journalism and politics in the period of economic uncertainty and impending United States involvement in a world war.

2) How do directors Orson Welles, Frank Capra (or Howard Hawks if you choose to write about His Girl Friday) use different film making techniques to tell their stories? In your paper, compare and contrast the ways that the directors use camera angles, cinematography, sound, special effects, make-up, lighting, etc. in achieving their visions.

No outside sources, only material, quotes, etc. from movies. Please message if any questions

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