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Title: Cinderella / Transformation Stories Variants on the

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1251 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: "Transformations" are central to fairy tale literature. From the list of readings required for Lesson 6 ("Fairy Tales: A Closer Look at Cinderella"), choose three essays to use in an argument synthesis. Show that in all cultures the Cinderella story is one of transformation. Choose one of these important transformations as the focus of your argument: (1 unrecognized talent and beauty eventually being recognized and valued, (2 low circumstance rising to good fortune, or (3 haughtiness punished and made humble.

As always, use MLA documentation, with a minimum of 3 citations. The argument synthesis should be at least 1000 words, plus a Works Cited page. You will want to refer to pages 407 (#24) and 408 (beginning "If you use two or more selections from the same anthology . . .") for Works Cited entries.

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Essay Instructions: Outline
Thesis: Out of the many various Cinderella stories that have been published, Charles Perrault?s version stands out as one the most popular among Americans, due to the language and context, the storyline and it?s relationship to the ? American Dream?, and it?s comparison to other versions.

I. Language and Context
a. entire story
i. Perrault
ii. American Culture
2. Storyline
a. Relatioship to the ?American Dream?
i. Cinderella marries the PRINCE
b. Characters
i. Cinderella
ii. Stepmom & stepsisters
iii. The Prince
3. Comparison to other versions of Cinderella
A. Perrault
B. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

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Essay Instructions: The Argument Synthesis Essay:
I need to use the textbook "Writting and Reading Across the Curriculum 11th edition"
Here are the requests:
I need to write an argument.
And use any two articles from the same chapter which is from either "chapter 12 : Fairy Tales: A Closer Look at Cinderella" or " chapter 11: New and Improved: Six Decades of Advertising " to support my essay.
Also need to creat a new title for my essay.

I need the full two pages, plus a works cited page.

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Title: Cinderella, Brave, and the Changing Nature of Gender

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1234 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The topic is to compare the role of female characters in two animated movies through time and how this is related to the culture and the society we live in.

I would like you to use Cinderella (1950) and Brave(2012)

so basically is how female characters have change, also, how this is related to culture and sociaty at the time the movie was released...

this have be included in the essay

1. Description
2.Analysis (here I need evidence, statistics or examples but needs to be valid (true, prove, evidence)
3. Interpretation. Interpret what all the information might mean based on the evidence provided

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