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Title: chronic pain successful pain management

Total Pages: 3 Words: 870 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need a concept analysis paper regarding chronic pain and successful pain management. It has very specific requirements and contents:

A scholarly process of inqu that explores the various dimensions of "Structure, use, representativeness, and relationship" and is preformed to promote better understanding of a select concept. The conclusion of this process is a clarified understanding of the concept, its causes, characteristics, definitions, antecedents, and consequences.

1. background (including intro o concept to be explored and statement of significance) 15 points
2. goals for explorations 10pta
3. assumptions (beliefs towards this concept before a scholary inquiry is conducted) 10 pts
4. Analysis (anecedent, defining characteristics, and consequences) 40PTS
5. Model Case used and application to Nursing 15pts
References, APA format 10pts

general rule 8 parts to this concept analysis:
1. the concept itself-(done)
2. determining the aims of purposes of analysis
3. identifying all uses of the concept
4. determining the defining attributes
5. constructing a model termining the defining attributes
6. constructing boderline, related, contrary, invented, and related cases
7. identifying antecedents and consequences
8. defining empirical referents

Because this is so specific, the pain concept analysis you have is not acceptable.

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Title: breaking the cycle of chronic pain and depression

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1778 Sources: -6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 12 pt. type,Times New Roman,doulble spaced entire paper including references,1 inch margin,left justify,do not hyphenate words at end of sentence; end each line of text with complete word.
Title: Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain and Depression
Name: David H. Deason
Course: Psyc2301
I would like these two resources used: 1. Website: Human Mind Ring. Andrew Fineberg, Use this quote: "There is always hope. Depression blinds us to that fact. If we can somehow hold on to our hope, just maybe we canfind a way to get through."

2. Mastering Pain: Dr. Richard A. Sternbach
This paper should show the connection between chronic pain and depression, how it effects the person and the ones around them, treatments available, and ways to break the cycle with psycological definitions of deoression and chronic pain.

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Title: Chronic Pain and music therapy

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1132 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Research paper showing Based on a review of literature, two major hypothesis areas will steer the analysis of data. It is hypothesized that individuals experiencing chronic pain from prior injures who listen to music for an hour a day for seven days will have a greater decrease in pain than those who do not listen to music. There will be a difference in the degree of pain reduction between the groups that listened to music for one hour a day versus the group that did not listen to music for one hour a day. A description of the sample from which data is collected and explanatory information on age and gender will be given to include standard deviations. The product-moment correlation relationship and analysis of variance will be determined. There will be significant differences between individuals listening to music for chronic pain versus those who did not listen to music. Null hypothesis needed with conclusion of research evidence.

Excerpt From Essay:

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