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Title: Evaluating Program Outcomes and Impacts

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This is a final research paper for a masters degree course in public health- Evaluating Program Outcomes and Impacts that presents a plan for a program and program impact evaluation.
This paper should 1-identify and describe a- smoking cessation intervention program b- provide a logic model with a well developed outcome line c- propose and defend measures for the key outcomes d- propose an impact design to assess program effects on those outcomes with attention to the rationale for selecting that particular design and e- describe how that design would be implemented within the practical constraints associated with the program.
Tha program evaluation to be used is a comparison evaluation with an equivalent control group ( random control trial).

The paper should include the following outline:

I- Program description ( a-setting: Costa Rica universal health system,program done in a group of primary care clinics, goverment funded b- service: smoking cessation program for 12 weeks c- target population: adult population of geographic area assigned to those specific clinics d- intended outcomes: smoking cessation at 6 months and 1 year after program e- logic model : comparison with equivalent group or random control trial , comparison group will be adult smokers patients of other group of clinics where program intervention is not in place)

II- Evaluation plan
a- outcomes to be assessed ( smoking cessation at 6 months and one year post program vrs control group, less acute myocardial infarctions, less prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at 5 yrs post intervention)
b- measures- indicators for each outcome ( not just a list, the benefits of each measurement done has to be explained)
c- Impact design
d-Procedures for implementing design and collecting data ( which patients get randomly assigned , how you do this)
e-strengths, limitations and vulnerabilities of design ( the goal is to critique the intervention program plan and evaluation; strengths, limitations and vulnerabilities, what problems could potentially arise)

The paper has to be 10 pages long with at least 6 refernces. I will emailemail the site and password to access the references. Thank you.

The sources for this paper are at the following website:

username: institute
password: participant

The primary readings for section I Identifying, Conceptualizing , Measuring...., section II A Randomized Field Experiments and Section III Design Sensitivity and Effect size are the most important.
Excerpt From Essay:

American Heart Association (AHA). (2009). Smoking Cessation.

Bickman, L. & Rog, D.J. (2009). Randomized Controlled Trials for Evaluation and Planning. The Sage Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods.

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Title: Home telehealth for Chronic disease diabetes management in rural community

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Essay Instructions: 1. This project report examines the important role information technology play in the management of chronic diseases in rural community.Although there have been many studies about the use of telehealth or telemedicine to manage chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the United States and abroad, our project will focus on the impact of home telehealth in managing one of these diseases in rural community. The objective of this study is to evaluate the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of rural health as compare to conventional care in the management of chronic diseases. Information presented in our project was obtained from multiple research literatures, and internet websites.

2. Diabetes is the chronic illness and how telehealth or telemedicine can help the medical system.
Excerpt From Essay:

B2B Media. (2002). General Telemedicine. Telemedicine Today. Online at

Bull, C.N. (1993). Growing old in rural America: New approach needed in

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Title: community assessment applied

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Essay Instructions: You are a public health nurse in the town of Springfield. One of your roles is to provide health education to children who attend the city's middle school. You are aware of the teaching needs of this population based on the developmental level of the children. However, you feel you would be able to better educate students if you learned more about their current health behaviors. Thus, a community assessment is performed of the children attending Springfield Middle School and the following data is to be interpreted, analyzed for significant themes or trends. This analysis should result in discovery of community health problems (needs for action) and community health strengths (abilities). Analyze the findings of the following data that was collected. Look through the data to find out whether you have collected adequate info. to obtain a complete picture of the community. Review the data collected to identify recurrent themes. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the community so that you can draw some conclusions. One of the first things to do is to confirm that your sample population is demographically similar to the
target population. Next, you compare your findings with the national data to look for similarities and differences, so you can draw some conclusions about your population. There are 2 topic areas of data that was collected that will need an interpretation and conclusion. The information is as follows:
Topic Area 1: After School Supervision
National Data
Hours spent outside of school with no adult supervision:
0 hours-25%
1-2 hours-36%
3-5 hours-23%
6-10 hours-10%
11 or more hours-6%

Springfield Middle School Data
Where do you usually go after school?
Home alone-7 (10%)
Home with parent or caregiver-7 (10%)
Home with sibling-8 (11%)
Friend's house-5 (7%)
After-school activity- 21 (30%)
Local hangout with adult supervision-14 (20%)
Local hangout without adult supervision-8 (11%)
Need interpretation and conclusion of the data for this topic area.

Topic Area 2: Participation in Extracurricular Activities at School
National Data
Number of hours spent participating in these activities:
0 hours-30%
1-2 hours-32%
3-5 hours-17%
6-10 hours-13%
11 or more hours-8%

Springfield Middle School Data
Participation in after-school sports or other school-related activities
Yes-40 (57%)
No-30 (43%)
(The following is just some side info.) If yes, what types of activites are you involved in?
Band-20 (29%)
Chorus-22 (31%)
Clubs-16 (23%)
School sports-35 (50%)
Need interpretation and conclusion of the data for this topic area.

The following are 2 EXAMPLES from my instructor of data interpretation and conclusion from another community assessment that may be of help to you:
1.Topic Area:Income
National/State Data
National: In 2005, the median income in among older persons was $21,784 for males and $12,495 for females.
State: The median income for an older person was $14,400

Local Data
Median household income was $27,000 (age 65+)

Interpretation: These data are difficult to interpret because they are broken down into national, state, and local levels.
Conclusion: It may be helpful to investigate this issue further at the community level. It may be worthwhile to contact the U.S. Dept. of Human Services for the county to find out whether more info is available on the income of the older population's utilization of assistance programs such as food stamps and Medicaid.

2. Topic Area: Health Conditions
National/State Data
National: In 2003-2004, the most prevalent health conditions were hypertension (52%), diagnosed arthritis(50%), heart disease(32%), cancer(21%), and diabetes(17%).
State: The leading causes of death among older persons were heart disease(35%), cancer(20%), stroke(8%), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(copd)(6%).

Local Data
Wish that there was more than one doctor in town;may need to wait several days for an available appointment.
May access the emergency room in a neighboring community, because they don't feel that they have any other options.
Concerned about the medical care they receive. Sometimes unsure about why they are taking their current medications that they have been prescribed to them.
Feel as though they are always getting another pill, and that no one actually tries to find out what is really wrong with them,

Interpretation: National and state data reveal that chronic disease is a major concern for this population. Because of the chronic conditions that they experience, older persons may be prescribed multiple medication. They may feel that they are taking medications that are not needed because no one has thoroughly explained why they are taking them. Also, members of this community may be accessing emergency care uneccessarily because they are dissatisfied with the wait at the local doctor's office.
Conclusion: It may be helpful to offer medication counseling for older persons in this community. Also, it may be useeful to educate them about some of the chronic conditions that are common among older persons. Concerns about accessing physician's office and information on use of emergency care should be relayed to the primary care provider in the community.

Excerpt From Essay:
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