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Title: McCandless

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Essay Instructions: Please read the attachment and answer these questions for me.

From Krakauer reading

Queston 1.
In providing a narrative of McCandless's journey, Krakauer draws on the writings Chris left behind in the blank pages and margins of his books and on the walls of the bus where he spent his final months. What does all this writing tell Krakauer about McCandless's motives for heading off into the wild? What is the relationship between McCandless and Supertramp? What does writing under a different name allow McCandless to do that he wouldn't otherwise be able to do?

Question 2.
Krakauer uses the writings of others as insight into understanding the circumstances, motivation and outcome of McCandless’ adventure. What are these selections from and why are they important to Krakauer? When we isolate these sections what can we learn about McCandless? Krakauer? Why do you think Krakauer used them?

Question 3.
At the end of this reading, Krakauer asserts that one reason adults have so much difficulty understanding McCandless's actions is that they struggle "to recall how forcefully [they] were once buffeted by the passions and longings of youth." To understand this observation, one must be able to define what "the passions and longings of youth" are. What do these passions and longings have to do with escape? With the natural world? And if one can recall such passions and longings, how might this change one's understanding of the importance of McCandless's death?

For Question 4 and 5, you can choose any reading from the attachment files.

Question 4.
Please discuss the significance of the quote below. How can it help usus make a connection with the themes, ideas, or subjects of other authors we've discussed.

Please provide a possible connection and some evidence from the text you are using.

"He seemed to have moved beyond his need to assert so adamantly his autonomy, his need to separate himself from his parents. Maybe he was prepared to forgive their imperfections; maybe he was even prepared to forgive some of his own. McCandless seemed ready, perhaps, to go home".

Question 5.
What is the significance of the quote below? How can it help usus discuss the ideas or themes from a different author we've discussed?

Please consider the below quote and then provide a discussable connection and provide some textual evidence from the author you've chosen to use.

"It is hardly unusual from a young man to be drawn to a pursuit considered reckless by his elders; engaging in risky behavior is a rite of passage in our culture no less than in most others. Danger has always held a certain allure. That, in large part, is why so many teenagers drive too fast and drink too much and take too many drugs, why it has always been so easy for nations to recruit young men to go to war. It can be argued that youthful derring-do is in fact evolutionarily adaptive, a behavior encoded in our genes. McCanless, in his fashion, merely too risk-taking to its logical extreme".

For question 6, you can choose the author from those question. (only have to answer one question that u chose.)

Question 6


There are lots of ways to connect Stout here - what are some ways you guys can think to do so?
Does the story of Chris McCandless help usus better understand the ideas of Stout?


How can McCandless's experience help usus better understand The Citadel's promise of the "whole man"?


How can a look at McCandless's experience in the "wilderness" help usus better understand or complement O'Brien's writings about the jungles of war?


How can analyzing the tragic adventure of Chris McCandless complement or complicate the ideas about Gen Me that Twenge puts forward? In what ways is his determination an example of her ideas about how Gen Me navigates the world?


Does McCandless's adventure, or Krakauer's writings on those adventures offer any insight into the Psychological Immune System? Do we see any of Gilbert's ideas at work here? Or could you make the argument that his adventure complicates Gilbert's ideas?

Question 7

Please post a prescription for how Gen Me should go about pursueing happiness, now that we know what we know from Gilbert. Should they make changes to the way they approach things? Does anything we learn from Twenge lead you to think we might have certain advantages when it comes to predicting happiness? How about disadvantages?
Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Compare the wilderness location of Into the Wild and the urban environment of Sex and the City

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Essay Instructions: • Instructions: Choose one of the topics below and develop a thesis that describes your understanding and interpretation of the two works. The various questions with each topic option are designed to get you thinking and provide you with a direction for analysis, but your final goal is not to answer all of them one by one in your essay. You must decide how to focus your analysis. Please make a clear thesis and argument. UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS.

1. Compare the wilderness location of Into the Wild and the urban environment of Sex and the City. How do these two settings shape the main characters? How do the characters define themselves against them? To what extent do the settings provide them with freedom from restrictive gender roles? Consider specific characters and situations in your discussion.

2. Analyze Sean Penn’s cinematic adaptation of Into the Wild (this will require you to watch the movie very carefully!). How does Penn use the book to tell the story of Chris McCandless? Does he remain faithful to the narrative, or does he change the representation of the events, or some of the events? If so, how and why? Consider specific events, facts, and situations.
Excerpt From Essay:

Hiott, Taylor. "Into the Wild - Critical Review of the Novel About the Journey of Christopher McCandless." Associated Content. Yahoo!, 26 May 2009. Web. 11 Aug 2011. .

Wisniewski, Chris. "Sex and the City." Reverse Shot. Web. 11 Aug 2011. .

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