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Essay Instructions: English Composition

Personal Narrative
We have all been in situations where we have had to make crucial choices--choices that affected us in potentially life-changing ways (going back to school, buying a house, having a child, choosing a college, etc.). Write a narrative describing this type of situation. Use time, dialogue, descriptive details, and a single point of view to describe the situation, making sure that you explain what caused it, what decision you made, and how that decision impacted you. Make sure that it has an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In your conclusion, you will want to consider whether your choice was the best one for you and thoroughly explain your response.
This should be 3 pages, minimum of 750 words

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Essay Instructions: Purpose: Persuasion
Pattern: Narration of Event

Write a paper of around 750 words using the persuasive purpose and the narration of event pattern. Identify your audience in the heading. Underline your claim in the paper.

Assignment: For the first part of this paper, narrate a story which illustrates your issue and claim. This issue could be on a social or political subject you care deeply about, such as child support, DWI, nuclear energy, technology, discrimination, or prejudice. Or it could be about a more personal interest or concern, such as choosing a college, getting married, having children, or looking for a job.

The second part of your paper should then discuss your claim and attempt to convince your audience to believe the same way as you do or to carry out a specific action related to the claim. Make use of at least two of the persuasive appeals and include a call to action in the last paragraph.

The story (narration of event) should occupy no more than approximately half of your paper. Your claim should appear in the second part of the assignment. You should refer to the narration (which you've used to illustrate your claim) in the concluding paragraphs.

____ I have followed proper formatting guidelines for text and cover sheet of my essay.

____ I have indicated my audience in the heading of the essay.

____ The story and the direct address are equal in length.

____ The story contains a conflict, crisis or climax and resolution related to the issue of this essay.

____ The claim is located in the direct address.

____ I have underlined the claim.

____ I have used at least two different appeals in the direct address.

____ I have used reader-oriented language in the direct address by talking directly to my reader.

____ I have returned to the story at the end of the essay.

____ I have included at least one call to action at the end of the essay.

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