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Title: cholera

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Essay Instructions: paper for microbiology , nursing 2nd year
cholera, bacterial type ,how it appears ,how to diagnose m,
3 pages double-spaced
Excerpt From Essay:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cholera. Medical College of Wisconsin.

Cholera. World Health Organization.

Cholera complications.

Cholera symptoms.

Cholera tests and diagnosis.

Handa, S. (2007, November 20). Cholera. eMedicine.

Vibrio cholerae Serogroup O1. U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Title: Global health issue of Cholera in somalia

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Essay Instructions: NO DIRCT QUOTES PARAPHARSE ONLY INTEXT with references and at end a total of 3 reference ALL Strict APA FORMAT no title page
There are multiple health care problems throughout the world that affect the entire global society in many ways. If a nation is overwhelmed by disease, the citizens are unable to contribute to society. Additionally, we live in a global society, where travel is world wide. A disease in one country is easily transmitted by travelers throughout the world. This Class discussion provides you with an opportunity to learn about global health problems and what resources are being allocated to address these issues around the world.


The topic that is a problem in another part of the world Selected is CHOLERA IN SOMALIA. , but the emphasis in your Classs discussion should be on a global health problem or illness, and how it is a problem in a specific part of the world. CHOLERA IN SUMALIA The other aspect to keep in mind is that the emphasis of the research should be resource allocation to this problem. This would include foundations and agencies such as those listed, or countries allocating financial and perhaps personnel or other resources to help alleviate the problem. You should also list what resources would be needed to solve the health problem that are not currently being appropriated

The student will:
• Look at various websites/resources that discuss global health issues and initiatives that allocate human and financial resources to the particular health issue. Check the websites for the World Health Organization, UNICEF, private foundations such as the Carter Foundation, Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, etc.
• Select a global health issue CHOLERA IN SOMALIA

Grading guidelines for Class Discussion
Criteria Points
1 Identifies a global health issue and at least one country in which this has been documented as a major health issue. Thoroughly discusses a global health issue along with resources allocated to the initiative by one entity which can be either a foreign government, World Health Organization, UNICEF, a private foundation such as the Carter Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, etc. Communicates thoughts clearly. Discussion is well thought out and complete. Initial post should be 500-750 words. /4
Didiscusses the initiatives including all human and financial resources dedicated to your selected health care issue in a particular foreign country. Specify which entity is dedicating these resources to the issue. Discuss the progress being made in addressing the health problem and if more or different resources are needed. /4
. /4
Attention to detail (grammar and spelling and APA format), reference citation within the text of the discussion (use APA format) and an APA reference list. (At least 3 references for initial post and 2 references for the cross post). Response and cross post were submitted by due date. /3
4. Total points possible

Who in Somalia
Excerpt From Essay:

Enserink, Mark. (2011). Cholera linked to U.N. forces, but questions remain. Science, 332, 776-777.

Mandal, Shyamapada, Mandal, Manisha D., and Pal, Nishith K. (2011). Cholera: A great global concern. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Diseases, 4, 573-580.

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WHO Somalia. (2011). Emergency Humanitarian Action, Weekly Highlights 6 -- 12 August 2011. Retrieved 6 Feb. 2012 from

World Health Organization and UNICEF. (2006). Oral Rehydration Salts: Production of the new ORS. (WHO/FCH/CAH/06.1). Geneva: WHO Document Production Services.

World Health Organization and UNICEF. (2011). Water bourne diseases pose lethal threat to children in southern Somalia: Rapid response needed as cholera cases increase. Retrieved 6 Feb. 2012 from

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Title: Love In The TIme Of Cholera

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  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: 400-level critical/analytical paper answering analytical questions raised in "Love In The Time Of Cholera"
theme: love and aging as emotional and physical plagues
paper should be medically based
intended to enlighten others that have read the text
supported by references to credible resources
focused towards a single conclusive thesis/argument
no use of Sparks notes or summary materials
Excerpt From Essay:

Franco, Jean. "Mementos Mori." Novels for Students, 246.16 (1988): 573-574.

Jones, Anne Hudson. "Literature and Medicine: Garcia Marquez' Love in the Time of Cholera." Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol. 254 (1997): 1169-1172.

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Love in the Time of Cholera. Boston: G.K. Hall & Co., 1989.

Morana, Mabel. "Modernity and Marginality in Love in the Time of Cholera."

Contemporary Literary Criticism, Ed Janet Witalac, Vol. 170 (2003): 27-43.

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