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Essay Instructions: It is a literature Course focus on East Asia literature. The writer would better have knowledge on Chinese literature and philosophy. This paper is about the Chinese literature book " Journey to the west". I'm sure you can find many resources online and the original book online to write the argument. We are required to relate the book to Taoism or the Confucianists or anything related to Chinese culture.

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Title: Cites and the country

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Essay Instructions: Hello,

this is the final paper I need to hand in for my Chinese literature class "the cities and the country".

My professor didn't give out a topic but want us to write a specific topic about China cities and the country. As this class is more like a Chinese literature class, I don't want the paper being discussed about the general China or its econ side.

The followings are parts of our class materials, and I want them being included in the final paper. You can focus heavily on writing the movie. And write out how you feel and how the movie related to the villages, cities and the country, in which some arguments have to be driven from the second link I gave you. You might also want to search about how China villages looked like and their characteristics that time.


the old movie "breaking with old idea"


this is the supplement for our readings.

There are many readings in this class but I can barely find the English versions.

I would give you the names see if you can find them, and even if you can't , you still got the ideas of what readings they are and what my class is about.

i)Bian Cheng by Congwen Shen
ii)Sealed off by Eileen Chang
iii)Huizhou materials with the Zhang
Xinmin book
iv)Midnight by Mao Dun

I strongly suggest you search the contents of those readings to get ideas and included them in the paper.

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Title: Confucius Articles

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Essay Instructions: o This assignment is designed to develop research skills. You will not be asked to write a research paper in this class, but will undertake the first steps as if you were going to do so: choosing a topic, researching available sources on that topic, and compiling a bibliography of those sources complete with brief annotations on each source. More information about this assignment will be given under separate cover.

my topic:
Topic: Confucius
Question: What is Confucius’ view about study, nature, relationship between people and strategies of govern a country in the Analects, how can them related to nowadays’ life?

Please help me to find some Bibliography for this.
at least five.
here are a couple examples:
Yu, Dan. Yu Dan’s Insights into the Analects. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 2006.
Danyu is a professor in Beijing University who is holding a master and phd in ancient Chinese literature.
Dan is a professor in Beijing University, she received master degree in ancient Chinese literature and a doctoral degree in film & TV. Yu Dan’s Insights into the Analects was broadcast on CCTV as part of the Lecture Room program, which is one of the most popular lecture columns. The book sold more than 10,000 copies within the first day of release, in 40 days, sales exceeded 1.5 million. It has been published in English with a title of “ Yu Dan’s Confucius from the Heart.” In this book, Dan uses easy language briefly concludes the marrow of the Analects. Confucius said there is one relationship between human being and nature, which is harmony, he said human being and nature are actually one union. According to what Confucius thought in the Analects, Dan suggests the real harmony is not only the harmony between you and your neighbor, but a kind of understanding and awe with the nature. There is a power made the whole word grow together, and Confucius can understand this power, which is faith. In the Analects, Confucius’ students asked him, how to govern a country well? Confucius said only three factors are enough: powerful military, sufficient food and the faith of the country. There is nothing fear with death, the most horrible thing is the debacle of a country without faith. Dan said the politics is the stable and satisfaction from people’s heart, and all these are coming from faith.

Yang, Bojun. The Annotation of the Analects. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 1958.
Bojun Yang, the editor of Zhonghua Book Company, historical professor in Beijing University, the director of Chinese Language Society. He has distinctive view on the Analects, and use common language translate the Analects from ancient Chinese language. Confucius ever said To learn something and timely practice it, it is a pleasure, isn’t it? To have friends who have the same ambition as yours coming from far away and talk to each other, it is a delight, isn’t it? Not to blame a person who does not recognize you, it is a junzi, isn’t it? This is the basic way of study and being junzi from Confucius thought. Bojun Yang links these three sentences together, even though they seemed no connection at all. Bojun Yang suggests that we could understand it in this way: if my understanding of one study is accepted by others, it is a pleasure; even if my understanding is not accepted by people, but I can make friends who have same hobby with me, is also a delight thing; even though I didn’t make friends, I’m not angry with other’s misunderstanding, isn’t me a junzi?

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Title: Aview from the other side

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Essay Instructions: Every story has another story behind it-the jilted lover, the beloved pet dog, the maid holding the phoenix hairpin. Choose one of the stories or sets of poems we have studied recently and write your imaginative version of their story-from the point of view of another character. It might be Li Ching-chao's husband, Li-bai's (Li-po's) girlfriend, Wang Wei's best friend, or Du-Fu's mother, but readers know that with your understanding of Chinese literature and history and your reading of the original stories or poems, you can guess what the view might have been from a different perspective. Tip: even though this is fiction, refer to the original at times and do explain and include details (even if imagined ones)

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