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Title: Migratory Labor

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Essay Instructions: In the books we have read throughout this course, migratory labor links the development of individual characters to the development of collective identities in crucial ways. Using three books below write a 10pp. essay that makes a claim about how an aspect of the relationship between individual and collective identities is uniquely shaped or illuminated by labor oriented geographic mobility.

Your analysis must have a specific argument grounded in a focused theme that you back up with attention to literary technique. You could explore the connection between gender and dialogue, for example, or how a inter- generational drama relates to representations of historical change. Close reading is a must: paraphrasing, generalizing, and summarizing are not analyzing.

(1)Grapes of Wrath- John Steinbeck
(2)China Men- Maxine Kingston
(3)Jasmine- Bharati Mukherjee
(4)Masters of the Dew- JAcques Romaain

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