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Title: Childhood Obesity

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Essay Instructions: Childhood Obesity

The purpose of this paper is to provide the student with the opportunity to identify and investigate a problem or dilemma within nursing, nursing education, health care, or community nursing that lends itself to change and nursing interventions. Multiple factors in today?s health care arena influence the practice of nursing and or the structure or operation of health care institutions. This capstone project must demonstrate your ability to problem-solve and critically think through those factors and identify interventions directed toward problem resolution.

You are the nurse leader or manager and you are challenged to resolve this problem.

Paper Guidelines
Select a topic of interest to you
? It may be a problem that impacts a variety of settings including clinical facilities, the community or any system that affects health care or nursing.
? This may be a problem you have experienced, heard or read about. Rapid changes in health care may make you question ?how?? or ?why??
? Discuss the topic for your paper with Senior II faculty. Final approval of your topic must be given by course faculty.

This paper must be a scholarly presentation.
? Current nursing research and evidence must be applied to your topic.
? References from other disciplines (management, sociology, business, psychology, etc.) MUST be used.
? Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and logical flow of ideas are all essential.
? Paper is limited to 10-12 typewritten, double-spaced pages written in APA format.

1. Introduction
? Must address the population involved and the extent of the problem.
? Local/regional/state and/or national statistical data should be included ? as appropriate ? to support your argument. You must quantify your problem in some form.
? Do NOT just repeat or state statistics and research studies. You should be able to explain your problem and validate it as a problem in YOUR OWN WORDS. You need to understand what is causing this problem.
? Commonly used definitions may be used. Less common may be used as appropriate once explained.
? Make sure you CLEARLY articulate the problem, the impact of the problem, the population affected by the problem, and/or the type of institution involved.

2. Review of the Literature
? This chapter must include a synthesis of appropriate literature, including studies that support your assessment of the problem. You may also find a study that contradicts your assessment of the problem.
? You need to understand the concepts of the literature. Again, do not just repeat or restate what you read.
? You should be using evidence-based articles relevant to your problem. Clearly state how you use this information to support your choice of a problem and/or action plan.
? This is the chapter that should provide the reader with a thorough background of information related to the problem.
? How does the literature relate to your problem/paper?
? This is primarily a summary of the literature you have cited.
? State whether the problem is linked to a national quality or safety indicator for JCAHO, NQF, NCQA, PHAB, Healthy People 2020, etc.
? Is your problem linked to a national nurse-sensitive quality indicator? If yes, which one?

3. Proposed Solutions/Action Plans/Recommendations for Practice with Evaluation
? You should identify at least 2 potential proposals or solutions for your problem.
? This requires a great deal of thought, creativity, and critical thinking.
? These must be relevant, achievable, and within the scope of nursing practice to implement.
? Develop some measureable proposals/interventions for resolution of the problem.
? If your proposals require money, how do you convince others you should be allocated this money instead of someone or something else?
? If the problem can not be resolved, how will you reduce or manage the problem?
? Your proposals (interventions) must be specific and measurable.
? They must include timelines
? What changes are required for resolution?
? Are there consequences if this problem is not resolved?
? Are there consequences to individuals if they do not participate and assist in resolution of the problem?

4. Conclusions
? Include a summary of information previously presented without citing your references again.
? Provide the reader with a smooth transition from the body of the paper to your conclusions.

5. References
? Include all references used for the paper.
? You must use references from peer-reviewed nursing journals. You must use at least one non-nursing journal (business, medicine, physical therapy, psychology, management, etc).
? Sources should be within the last 5 years unless considered a ?classic?

Questions to Consider:
? What is the problem?
? What is the extent of the problem?
? Who has a stake in this problem?
? Who might oppose or reject your proposal? Why?
? Does this problem/dilemma have an impact on patient care, nursing practice, the community,
or the profession of nursing?
? What are obstacles to resolving the problem?
? What literature is available regarding the problem or dilemma?
? Should other nurses, health care professionals, educators, patients, families, or citizens
be concerned about this problem? If so, why?

Remember, although you must use current research and evidence while writing the paper, it is NOT a research paper. This is a scholarly paper.
Excerpt From Essay:

Hochberg, Z., Feil, R., Constancia, M., Fraga, M., Junien, C., Carel, J.C., et al. (2010).Child health, developmental plasticity, and epigenetic programming.Endocrine Reviews, 32(2), 159 -- 224.

Burrowes, JD. (2010).Preventing heart disease today and tomorrow in youth.Nutrition Today 45(1) 33-42.

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Title: Childhood Hunger

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Essay Instructions: This is a sociology study
Structional-Functionalism Theory
What are you, poor?

My project is about childhood hunger. The purpose of this project is to describe and show how poverty, hunger, and lack of education all play a role in childhood hunger.

I want to show the link between low income, nutrition and education all play roles in children?s lives in the long run.

I expect that lower income leads to children going to school hungry. Also, the fact that the parents have a lower level of education this leads to less nutritious meals. All of this inadvertently related to lower grades in school and childhood obesity. As well, the stigma the child will now hold, due to being obese and the poor experiences at school. I want to show the link between these topics and how they are all correlated and integrated.

I am going to look at these perspectives from the macro level. How does childhood hunger and nutrition relate to poor socio-economical status?

The focus of this paper is show how structural -functionalism theory is applied to this topic

Excerpt From Essay:

Andersen, M.L. & H.F. Taylor. Sociology with Infotrac: Understanding a Diverse Society, Casebound. Belmont: Thomson Learning Inc., 2008. Print.

Berg, J. "Feeding Opportunity: Ending Child Hunger Furthers the Goal of Cutting U.S. Poverty in Half over the Next Decade." American Progress. Center for American Progress, n.d. Web. 17 Mar. 2013. .

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Title: Development During Infancy and Early Childhood

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Essay Instructions: 1,050 tword paper in which you explore development during infancy and early childhood. Include the following:

? Explain how families affect the development of infants and young children.

? Evaluate different parenting styles and their influence on development during infancy and early childhood. Include which parenting style you feel is most effective and why.

? Discuss early childhood education and its influence on cognitive development.

Include at least two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Excerpt From Essay:

Burger, Kaspar. (2010). How does early childhood care and education affect cognitive development? An international review of the effects of early interventions for children from different social backgrounds. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 25, 140-165.

Darling, Nancy and Steinberg, Laurence. (1993). Parenting style as context: An integrative model. Psychological Bulletin, 113(3), 487-496.

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