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Title: problem of child pornography among law enforcement officers

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Essay Instructions: Based on the information provided below and your own research, answer the following questions:

1) How serious is the problem of child pornography among law enforcement officers?
2) Are the laws different for police officers engaging in child pornography? Should they be?
3) Should police departments take special steps to reduce the likelihood of their officers engaging in producing, selling or purchasing child pornography? Why or why not?

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Essay Instructions: CRIJ 6620 Comp Instructions
Module Four

PLEASE PLEASE follow the instructions word-for-word. I expect a well written, grammatically correct essay. Please make sure this paper is NOT PLAIGRIZED. I need this paper to be strong from start to finish. This paper is a Master?s Graduate level paper. Please take your time-thank you soo much!!!

The final essay, Module Four, for CJ6620 requires you to create your own essay question and to answer that question with a complete essay.

The subject/title of your essay must be ?A Current Trend in Criminal Law and Procedure.? The essay will identify a single area of criminal law and procedure that the U.S. Supreme Court has RECENTLY developed and describe that area of the law, using several Supreme Court cases to describe that development. The essay should not simply be a description of three Supreme Court cases; the essay must explain the law using the cases to show how the law has evolved and progressed over a period of years. At least one of the cases discussed in the essay must have been issued by the Supreme Court in the past twenty years.

The current trend I would like to focus on is:
Sex Offender is "Challenges to the application of the 1st Amendment protections for child pornography". The 2002 decision in the case of Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.

Please remember, the essay should first explain the topic and then use Supreme Court cases to show how the Court has developed the law in the area.

The reading assignment is whatever research you need to do to find and understand the cases you need to read to write an outstanding essay.

Side Note: The reason why emphasis is placed on recognizing a recent ?trend? is that for the CJ6620 comprehensive examination, to be taken toward the end of your MSCJ program, you will be required to identify and explain what you perceive to be the THREE most important recent trends in criminal law and procedure.

Note that for purposes of this essay, in order to identify a trend, you need to be able to point to at least two (preferably more) legal decisions that constitute the Court?s development of an issue.

The essay question will require that you explain WHY you believe that the issues you select are the most important, and that you cite sources to support your contentions, so you will need to do that for this essay also. Part of your grade on this essay is based on the importance of the trends you choose to address, so you need to think carefully about the topics you will select.

For the final essay, pick what you believe to be the most important current trend in criminal law and procedure today.

For this essay you need to conduct research and cite appropriate sources to support your positions. That should be not a problem for this essay because you have full access to your research materials and notes. In your essay you should, however, be prepared to support your positions with specific cases, books and/or authors.

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Title: Computer crimes with emphasis on child poronography

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Essay Instructions: This paper is a short preview to my final capstone project. I would like to show the different types of computer crimes that have taken place and what can be done to prevent them. There has also been a ruling by the US Supreme Court regarding the legalities of virtual child pornography, simply stating this type of material created on a computer is not illegal.

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Title: Pornography: Women are No Longer the Oppressed Victims

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Essay Instructions: I'll upload more documents later, this order is for writer "johnfitz44" only

To the writer, You have helped me once with a Reflective Journal few weeks ago, thank you very much for that, I just hope you can help me with another assignment again one more time and below are the details of it, thank you :)

In this assessment, you are being asked to write a research paper based on a recent media incident. Your aim is to apply the critical theory you have learnt in this unit in order to make an evidence-based argument about the impact of new forms of technology on our understanding of online pornography, chidl pornography or online sexual harassment.

To begin, you need to choose a topic that interests you. Your choices are:
1. Pornography
2. Child pornography
3. Online sexual harassment

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