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Title: American Novel

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Essay Instructions: Compare and Contrast:

Using Eudor Welty''s THE PONDER HEART and Cormac McCarthy''s CHILD OF GOD, discuss the extremes of the two main characters in these short novels: Welty''s--Uncle Daniel....and McCarthy''s Ballard. These two characters are on separate ends of the characterization scheme. Uncle Daniel is the enjoyable humerous figure, while Ballard is the inhumane horrible being. Use can use evidence from the novels, significance of the titles of the novels--or even the authors style etc etc....

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Title: Dystopia

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Essay Instructions: Dystopias/Utopias
Discuss the imagined utopias in Flannery O'Connor's stories, Breece Pancake's stories, and Cormac McCarthy's "Child of God". How they contrast with and help define the dystopia worlds they are embedded within, whether any of these utopia's seem more rooted in reality than others and the cultural critiques author's may be making through these contrasts.

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