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Title: The Relation of Psychology to Criminal Justice

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Essay Instructions: Respond to the stated four question below, including any relevance to and implications on the field of criminal justice. Be sure to discuss the issue(s) to which the question pertains. Remarks can include your opinion(s), but must be based on experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use this exercise to foster a rich dialogue with your colleagues about issues that are important to the field of criminal justice. Each question must be 300 words long.

5) Identify the requirements for the insanity plea in your jurisdiction and contrast this with the M'Naghten standard, the Brawner standard, ALI standard, and the Durham rule. Identify similarities and differences. Support you response with examples from your research and reading assignment.

6) As discussed, there are several different types of competency, such as competency to stand trial, but also competency to waive right to counsel, competency to confess and even competency to be executed. Several noteworthy cases regarding competency to be executed include the Ford case, Panetti case in Texas and the case of John Ferguson in Florida. Discuss the proposed rationale that someone must be competent to be executed and what this form of competency entails. Provide your informed opinion on whether you think someone should be treated and brought to competency in order to be executed.

7) States now have mandatory reporting laws for certain professionals. These laws are very specific on who must report, how soon they must report and what information is to be provided. Please research the mandatory reporting laws in your jurisdiction and include these laws in your report. These laws can include reporting laws on child neglect and abuse as well as elder abuse, etc. Please do not simply cut and paste the laws from the Internet but rather discuss the reporting requirements for the different professions. When responding to your classmates posts, note similarities and differences.

8) Directions: Please look at the course objectives below and comment on how the course has met/or did not met these objectives for you.
1. Apply knowledge of the roles a psychologist plays in correctional settings, identifying the challenges to service delivery that are particular to these settings.
2. Integrate knowledge of mental health diagnoses and assessment instruments with the kind of decisions a psychologist has to make in determining the needed level of services for individuals involved with the criminal justice system.
3. Examine and analyze the similarities and differences in the basic roles that psychologists may play in civil, criminal, family law, and juvenile cases, and how roles differ.
4. Through integration and synthesis of knowledge of psychology and the legal system, assess how psychologists can convey scientific and clinical/practical knowledge to the courts, correctional settings, and the community.

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Title: Personal Statement: My Motivation towards Becoming a PA

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Essay Instructions: I have included my CV to pull information about my past experiences. Please mention how I improved my GPA from 1.0 to presidents list. GPA was low due to lack of focus and working to support myself. Also mention my desire to improve my life and others and my determination to not give up. Also I am a second applicant and since the first application I have shadowed PAs and began health screenings. I truly love emergency medicine and fast pace varied environment. I also understand being a PA requires teamwork, integrity, hand and eye coordination, patient rapport, logically think, quick thinking.

Your statement must be written in your own words and may not exceed 5,000 characters (not words)

Personal Statement/Narrative. Please describe your motivation towards becoming a PA.


University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Bachelor’s Degree, May 2010
Major: Kinesiology GPA: 3.6
Minor: Biology

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
January 2005- May 2007
Major: Pre-Clinical Lab Sciences

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
August 2004- December 2004


• Emergency Department Physician Assistant Shadow, Texas Health Resources Dallas, TX Oct 2013- Feb 2014 Shadowed multiple PAs in the Emergency Department. Learned how to assess acuity level of patient and prioritize. Understood how PA patient assignment is done. Observed Physician and Physician Assistant interaction regarding patient care, diagnosis and treatment. Monitored the process between nursing staff and PA as well as other members of the medical team. (30 hours)

• Emergency Department Physician Shadow, United Regional Medical Center, TX July 2010-June 2013- Shadowed the first Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician in the facility. Observed foreign body (bullet) removal from upper extremity, sutures inserted in head laceration, and differential diagnosis of possible cardiac arrest between General physician and Cardiologist. Observed the process of reporting child neglect between physician, law enforcement, social worker, and child protective services. Learned how to perform physicals and record medical history. (20-30hrs/mth)

• Research Assistant, University of North Texas, Sept 2010-Dec 2010- Taught individuals with HIV substance and/or alcohol abuse the importance of physical activity. Provided participants strength and resistance personal training routines to improve and/or restore physical strength that may have been lost due to their disease process. (4 hrs/wk 24 hours)

• Data Collector, University of North Texas, May 2010- Collected data for the research department of Health Promotions. Surveyed individuals between ages 18-70 to determine the relationship between leisure activities and physical fitness. (5 hours)

• Volunteer Student Tutor, University of North Texas, Aug 2009-May 2010 -Tutored undergraduate students in Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology. Provided students with effective study skills and test taking strategies. (5 hrs/mth 50 hours)

• Kinesiology Honors Program, University of North Texas, Aug 2009- May 2010- elected by Kinesiology faculty and professors. Attended lectures and Parker College of Chiropractics Gross Anatomy Lab. Observed proper dissection techniques of human cadavers. Dissected human cadavers to identify and compare heart with previous cardiac bypass surgery, lungs with cancer, and a brain with Alzheimer’s disease. (8 hours)

• Research Assistant, University of North Texas, Jan 2010-Mar 2010- Assisted with the Exercise Physiology research study to observe the effects of blood and plasma donation on achieving and obtaining true V02max. Informed test subjects of testing procedures, risk and benefits. Executed testing procedures on Ergometer with subjects. Monitored test subjects blood pressure and lactate acid level production during short bouts of extreme intensity exercises. Assisted with subject scheduling and screening for qualification. (10 hr/mth 30 hours)

• Research Subject, University of North Texas, Jan 2010-Mar 2010- Participated as a research subject in Exercise Physiology research study, observing the effects of blood and plasma donation. Participated as control to form a baseline to compare the difference between whole blood donation and plasma donation. Performed extreme intensity exercise on Ergometer to determine true V02max. (1 hr/wk 12hrs)

• Research Assistant, University of North Texas, May 2009-Mar 2010- Assisted with Exercise Physiology research observing the effect of binge drinking of ethanol on strength and resistance training on college aged males with a moderate level of physical fitness. Assisted with recruitment, screening and qualifying test subjects. Educated subjects of testing procedure risk and benefits. Demonstrated proper exercise testing procedures. Executed testing procedures with research subjects. Collected blood specimen through vein puncture in 20 minute intervals. Processed blood specimen and documented lactate, hemocrit and alcohol levels obtained. Trained research assistances on proper vein puncture and derma puncture techniques, procedures, and processing while maintaining quality control. (6 hr/mth 35hr)

• Student Mentor, University of North Texas, Aug 2009-Dec 2009??" Mentored child with Asperger syndrome by providing physical education lessons plans that focused on physical health and social interaction with peers. Encouraged cooperation and sportsman like behavior while emphasizing the importance of a physically active lifestyle. (3hr/wk 40 hrs)


• Volunteer Victim Advocate, Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center, July 2010-Dec 2012- Respond to crisis calls, emergency departments and police stations in Dallas County involving sexual assault. Provide face to face advocacy and emotional support to survivors, friends, family, area professionals, law enforcement and social workers of sexual assault. Communicate directly and indirectly with law enforcement and judicial system on behalf of the victim, if necessary. Help reduce the trauma a survivor experiences from an attempted or completed sexual assault. Provide information to help a survivor understand sexual assault impact, police procedures, the sexual assault examination, legal process, counseling opportunities, and other needed resources. (Completed 30 hours state mandated sexual assault training. 32 hrs/mth)

• Volunteer Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, July 2010-Dec 2012- Advocate for sexually assaulted individual during sexual assault forensic exam. Educate victims on forensic exam procedures. Empower victims to make choices and enforce their rights regarding their health and any events preceding the assault. Assist Sexual Assault Response Team with communicating with victim during examination. (30 hours state training 32 hrs/mth)

• Volunteer Camp Counselor, Camp Summit, March 2011- Provided 24 hour immediate care including activities of daily living to individuals with disabilities. Developed personal relationships with campers. Assisted campers with horseback riding, ropes course, and arts and crafts. (24 hrs/day 120 hours)

• Volunteer Companion, Lighthouse Hospice, May 2010-Nov 2010- Provided companionship to terminally ill individual. Assisted and participated in patients’ hobbies and favorite pastimes. Relieved family members of daily chores and duties. Comforted families during their time of grief and provided resources and information as needed. (4 hrs/mth 30 hours)

• Volunteer Testing Proctor, Fitnessgram Testing, Mar 2010- Executed proper state mandated Fitnessgram testing at local middle school. Performed testing for three physical education classes grades 6th through 8th. Demonstrated proper testing procedures for cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength training to students and teachers to ensure accurate testing procedures and testing scores. (3.5 hr/wk 10 hours)

• Team Donations Leader, March of Dimes, May 2010- Organized and led team fundraisers to exceed monetary goals. Maintained group donations for March of Dimes 5 mile walk for premature babies. Scheduled team meetings to discuss donation goals. (2hr/wk 8hours)

• Group Activity Leader, Adult Day Stay, Aug 2009- Dec 2009- Planned group activities for elderly, individuals with disabilities that required physical and cognitive activity. Leader of group activities to encourage cognitive and physical abilities. Assisted staff with outdoor activities and provided companionship to clients. (4 hours/wk 20 hours)

• Guest Speaker, Junior Achievement, Nov 2009- Taught the value, importance, and responsibility of money to disadvantaged kindergarten class. Executed class lesson plans that allowed students to trading goods and participate in a work environment for monetary exchange. (6 hours of training, 6 hours of teaching)

• Guest Speaker, Cooper Institute Get Kidz Fit Expo, Mar 2009- Educated young children regarding the importance of proper nutrition, diet, and physical activity. Explained proper portion control, required daily nutrients, important of healthy eating habits, and being physically active. Involved participants in healthy eating activities to demonstrate how certain foods can affect the body. (10 hours)

• Multiple Health Screening Companies (Summit Health, Health Solutions, Health Fitness, Total Wellness)
Nationwide April 2013-Present
Health Screener/Educator
Manage wellness clinics for corporations and employees
Perform finger sticks to obtain total cholesterol, lipids, low-density lipoprotein, high-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, and glucose levels using Cholestech LDX
Perform manual blood pressure checks and vital statistics
Measure body composition measuring waist circumference, BMI, and Omiron Fat Analyzer
Counsel individuals based on their results, educating individuals regarding their risk factors for cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack and diabetes
Refer individuals to physicians based on results for further care
Promote and educate a healthy lifestyle focusing on preventative care

• HCA Denton Regional Medical Center Denton, TX Feb 2012-June 2012 Aug2013- Mar 2014
Collect blood samples using venipuncture and capillary techniques on populations ranging from newborn to geriatrics, urine drug screen collections, legal draws and difficult sticks while ensuring proper patient identification and labeling of samples.
Ensure STAT, Timed and Urgent draws are collected and received in laboratory within 20-minute timeframe to ensure quality patient care
Follow hospital policies and procedures for transporting/delivering samples to laboratory during codes and traumas
Provide laboratory support for Emergency Department to include Point of Care, difficult draws and traumas.
Maintain strict quality control and assurance for procedures
Perform special tests such as clotting time, bleeding time, glucose tolerance tests and ACT
Process and accession specimen for the main lab and reference labs

• Texas Health Resources Denton Denton, TX July 2013-Feb 2014
Lab Assistant
Collect blood from patients while ensuring quality of blood/specimens
Ensure STAT, Timed and Urgent draws are collected and received in laboratory within 20 minute timeframe to ensure quality patient care
Assume responsibility for the safety and comfort of the patient by following established standards and practices
Perform occult bloods, prepare microbiology slides
Chart lab results and mail reports of results to physician offices
Proper and timely collection of blood and urine specimens
Perform culture set-ups, advanced specimen processing (including but not limited to initial analysis on analyzers, culture set-ups, urinalysis and various serological testing)
Train and mentor phlebotomy staff

• HCA Henrico Doctor’s Hospital Richmond, VA Feb 2012-May 2013
Perform venipuncture and derma puncture on adult and geriatrics while maintaining strict quality control. Average number of patients drawn during morning rounds 35+. Provide age and cultural appropriate care to all patients. Process and accession specimens for main lab testing and send outs. Maintain records of test performed and blood samples taken ensuring proper patient identification and labeling. Complete patient registration, requisitions and draws in outpatient lab using Meditech software. Demonstrate excellent bedside manner, knowledge and experience. Orientate new staff members to blood draw procedure and hospital policies.

• Parkland Dallas County Community Hospital Dallas, TX July 2011-March 2012
Emergency Department Registration Specialist
Performed registration duties in the Emergency Services Department to include patient registration at the bedside, obtaining signatures for consent, insurance verification and preliminary financial counseling services. Maintained confidentiality, security, and integrity of patient data in compliance with HIPPA and other governing agencies. Served as a communication advocate for patient and family members to include visit expectations and update on patient care. Ensured Parkland’s financial security by collecting co-payments, coinsurances, and partial payments for services rendered.

• General Electric, Frisco, TX July 2008 ??" Jan 2010
Customer Service Representative
Maintained credit accounts with accuracy and security
Assisted customers with financial disputes and counseling while maintaining confidential and integrity
Exceeded expectations with quality customer service, time on service and average handle time
Establish excellent rapport with cardholders to provide excellent customer service
Solved financial disputes to a satisfactory resolution
Lead event coordinator for team

• Airtran Airways, DFW Airport, TX Sept 2007- May 2008
Customer Service/Operations Agent
Managed daily airline operations for Dallas station
Monitored flight take off and landing to ensure all airport regulations and safety requirements are met
Analyze and resolves work problems and plan to motivate workers to achieve station goals
Ensured passengers reservations and baggage were up to date, accurate, and confirmed
Notified proper airline personnel of delays, fuel levels, weight balances, and security alerts

• HCA Medical Center of Plano, Plano, TX Nov 2007-May 2008
PBX Operator
Responded to all incoming calls of a 400+ bed hospital
Transferred calls to proper departments, obtained detailed messages for physicians, supervisors, and other personnel
Monitored all alarms and notified appropriate personnel
Informed and notified all hospital personnel during emergency and disasters situations
Maintained confidentiality, security, and integrity of patient data
Orientated and mentored new staff members

• Medical College of Virginia Pediatrics Neurology, Richmond, VA Jan 2007-Mar 2007
Medical Office Assistant
Performed general office clerical duties
Maintained and updated patient charts
Confirmed patient appointments
Conducted any follow up calls with patients

• General Services Corporation, Richmond, VA Jan 2006- July 2007
Senior Leasing Consultant
Managed large apartment communities ranging from 240 to 650 homes
Provided productive and ongoing contributions toward maintaining occupancy
Established rapport with occupants to provide customer satisfaction and premium living
Collected rents and processed all evictions
Processed accounts receivable and payable
Complied with all Federal and State laws regarding Equal Housing and Tenant Landlord Acts
Orientated and mentored new leasing consultants
Processed payroll using ADP software

• HCA Chippenham Medical Center, Richmond, VA Jan 2006-Feb 2007
Knowledgeable on blood testing i.e. what each tube test for, coagulates or anticoagulants present in tubes
Performed venipuncture and dermapuncture on pediatrics and geriatrics while maintaining strict quality control
Provided age and cultural appropriate care to all patients
Maintained records of test performed and blood samples taken ensuring proper patient identification and labeling
Registered in and out patients using Meditech software
Obtained bedside manner knowledge and experience

• Richmond High Blood Pressure Center, Richmond, VA Aug 2005-Dec 2005
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist
Performed EKG test for Physician, Nurse Practioner or Registered Nurse review, Urine Analysis, and blood draws
Assisted Physician and Nurse Practitioner with diagnosis and treatment procedures
Medical office clerical duties, assemble patient charts, and schedule appointments.

• Golden Key International Honor Society, Fall 2009
• National Scholar Honor Society, Spring 2009
• Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Fall 2009
• Tau Sigma Honor Society, Fall 2008
• University of North Texas President’s List, Summer 2008
• University of North Texas Dean’s List, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Summer 2009, Fall 2009, Summer 2010
• J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Dean’s List, Fall 2012


• USC Scholarship for Continuing Students, 2010-2011


• Local Member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Professions Honor Society, Since Sept 2010
• Affiliate of American Association for Physician Assistants, Since May 2008


• Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
• National Institute of Health Certified
• Certified Pharmacy Tech

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Title: human behavior

Total Pages: 2 Words: 594 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: image that you are a social worker who has been contacted by the police department with reference to the two younger children in the film" winter's bone". Provide an assessment of and intervention plan for the family which focuses on family preservation. Include considerations of respect for sub-cultural norms, client self determination, prevention of child neglect. What can be done to preserv the family?. What is the larger problem? what kind of support to keep the family together .what kind of intervention with all member of the family can be done?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: ?Prepare a 1 page paper in which you address the following scenario:
?Defendant?s 12-year-old son had cerebral palsy, and when he died in his sleep, the defendant feared that she would be charged with child neglect because of the bedsores on his body. While she was present, two of her teenage sons and two of their friends devised a plan to conceal the facts surrounding her son?s death by incinerating his body in the course of burning the family?s mobile home, in which they planned to leave another young man, a mentally ill teenager living with the family, in order to avoid any appearance that the 12-year-old had been unattended. One of the defendant?s son set the fire and the mentally ill teenager died in the fire.
The police arrested the defendant and took her to the police station where she was questioned for 30 to 40 minutes after which time, she admitted she knew the mentally ill teenager was supposed to die in the fire. The police then gave the defendant a 15-20 minute break and came back in to question her again.
The second time, before the interrogation started, the police gave the defendant the appropriate Miranda warning and obtained a signed waiver of rights from her. The police then resumed the questioning and, after reminding the defendant of her ?pre-warning statements? elicited a confession from the defendant.
So. . . . is the first confession admissible? Why?/Why not?
So. . . . is the second confession admissible? Why?/Why not?

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