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Title: Child Labor

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Essay Instructions: The paper is about Child Labor, and how some companies who are responding to the global economy exploit the child labor in developing countries. I started my paper by saying the following:
As our world’s economies grow, so do multinational corporations (MNC). Many of those corporations feel the pressure to stay competitive. In doing so they neglect to notice the social economic impact and the human rights violations they inflict on society. One of the biggest impacts is the use of child labor.

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Title: Child labor in Istanbul

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Essay Instructions: How child labor is conected to urban job structure, ,hausing,globalization proces,gender,migration, and urban economy.

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Title: Use of Child Labor in the Global Environment

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Essay Instructions: Topic: The Use of Child Labor in the Global Environment

5 FULL pages of content, and one properly written reference page.
Report must be written in Times New Roman, 12 font, and double-spaced throughout.

The direction of this case should look at a specific country where Child labor is prominent, the content of the case should look the pros and cons of using child labor. ie.the advantages and disadvantages of using child labor for that country.

Also a multinational company in that country using child labor, what are the advantages and disadvantages, how is this company being regarded in that country vs its host country?

What can this particular country and the multinational company do limit the stigma associated with child labor (in the case of the multinational company what are its corporate social responsibility or what should be its CSR.

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Essay Instructions: Although the "First" and "Second" Industrial Revolutions led to many important advances in technology and science, there were glaring unfortunate side effects, for example, exploitation of labor for the benefit of owners of industry. The problem was most extreme in England where children and women were commonly employed in mines and textile factories.
Throughout the 19th Century, numerous Royal Commissions (similar to investigative committees of the U.S. Congress) were established by the House of Commons or the House of Lords to investigate labor conditions and propose legislation to protect the health and welfare of workers, particularly women and children. These investigations led to many changes in labor, health and welfare conditions common to most industrial nations in the late 20th Century.
Go to labor conditions to learn more about conditions in the factories and mines of England. After reviewing the several links discussing labor conditions and the use of child labor, write a three page paper answering the following questions:

1. Why was there such widespread use of children in the mines and factories?
2. What affect did investigations of child labor have on industry?
3. What labor reforms came out of these investigations?

Note: there are a number of links on this web site. For some very interesting and informative reading, take time to review them.

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