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Title: child development stages

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Essay Instructions: Final exam essay
Child Development
a. select one of the following major developmental stages
1.the first two years
2.the play years
3.the school years
b.discuss the following developmental issues as they relate to the stage you have selected in part a.
1.cognitive development
2.psychosocial development
3.biosocial development
c. Include any stage specific issues
d.Compare two major theorists and how they explain the various developmental stages ( use Erik Ekikson & Freud)

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Title: Piaget

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Essay Instructions: 1. Questions:
From the book "The Neo-vygotskian approach to child development":
1. What is a common deficiency in nativist's amd behaviorist's views of the child?
2. How does Vygotsky's view differs from 3 other approaches?
From the website "Zone of Proximal Development":
3. What is ZPD? Give an example of it.

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Title: Child Development

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Essay Instructions: The Internet/Media search is an opportunity to identify an area of general psychology that interest you. This may be a topic that is related to your work, recreation, hobby, etc. Submitting a one-page summery (single-space), on how and why this area of general psychology has caught your interest.

I pretty much interest in child development, afterall, what a child experienced during young age, does have a major impact on how his or her future mental behavior. We can also use Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Theory as a guideline.

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Title: child development and learning

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Essay Instructions: A paper (approximately 5 pages in length) on a comparative analysis of major theories of child development; it is to be typed, double-spaced, and written in accordance withAPA or MLA style.

?Compare and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky.

?Discuss the implications of each of their theories on the education of children with disabilities. Provide support for your position from a minimum of four journal articles.


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