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Title: Multiple Essay Questions

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay to answer all four (4) questions. Each of the four (4) questions should be answered in no less than 300-500 words each. Please utilize verifiable and renowned academic journals and/or books as sources (Do not cite other college papers or theses).

1. Before you starting this question, be sure to read the uploaded resource entitled: Alicias Story. Her story further illustrates the vulnerability of children on the Internet. Answer the following questions: In what ways are children at risk for abuse over the internet? What makes the Internet an ideal tool for perpetrators? What can be done to protect children against sexual abuse on the internet?

2. Child prostitution is considered by some to be an epidemic. Thousands of children are reported missing every year in this country alone, many of them falling into prostitution and sex rings. View the video entitled Fighting Prostitution in Atlanta ( Youll see many concepts involving children, an adult survivor and a corporate community that seems to be having a value conflict between free enterprise and child protection. How might a child become involved in prostitution? Based on your research and the video, describe the various ways children can get involved in prostitution. What are some of the dangers children face when involved? Compare boys and girls involvement: are there differences?

3. Psychological abuse remains the most difficult to define. Within our own culture, there are so many abusive words and gestures used everyday toward children that we may fail to recognize them. Have we become that complacent? In an effort to gain consensus on a definition, many theorists separate the definition into two parts: psychological abuse and psychological neglect. First, define each part and evaluate this approach. Do you think its useful? Does it help clarify? Does it add confusion? Next, propose your own definition of psychological abuse. How would you define it? Include in your discussion a generic profile of what someone could find with a psychologically maltreated child.

4. Consider that we are still asking: how can incest continue to exist in todays society? Part of the answer lies in our cultures preoccupation with sexuality. Advertising, greater emphasis on sexual performance, beauty pageants for 5 year old girls, etc., and at the same time, fewer rules for sexual behavior. First, compare and contract two different types of incestuous families (father-daughter; mother-son; father-son; mother-daughter.). Now, analyze your profiles in relation to the opening statement above: do you see any influences, connections between our cultures values today and the factors existing in incestuous families? Explain and support your answers.
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Essay Instructions: Guidelines for Paper ( in country ? India)

You may choose any topic of interest related to human trafficking. This make take the form of a specific type of trafficking such as organ trafficking or trafficking in child soldiers, child sex tourism or the use of the internet in recruiting and exploiting individuals. Alternatively, you can write a paper on responses to human trafficking ? prevention and control measures.

? clear definitions of the topic you have selected (do not confuse, for example, child mail order brides in general with the modus operandi of ordering a bride over the internet to exploit her as a trafficked victim)
? discussion of the general and most important issues relevant to that topic (e.g. the question of consent in human trafficking/mail order brides, child prostitution; bias in the application of police discretion or failure to identify the victim in human trafficking, etc.)
? theories to explain the type of crime you are discussing (many empirical studies test theories)
? any relevant statistics (or explain the lack thereof)

Citations and Plagiarism

All sources must be cited and you must provide information concerning the author, article, journal, volume number, publication date and page numbers ? NOT AN INTERNET WEBSITE! Exact quotes must be placed in quotation marks and cited properly. Failure to do so will result in a charge of plagiarism.

Guidelines for paper on THB in/through/to a particular country( in this case India)

Please provide information concerning trafficking in India addressing the following issues:

Demographic Data

1. Ranking according to the 2012/2013 US TIP report
2. Provide information from the 2012 UNODC Global TIP Report
3. Patterns of trafficking: into, through and out of the country; markets of exploitation
4. Cases of domestic trafficking documented in India?
5. Any unique patterns relevant to India (linked to smuggling/illegal migration? Legal cross-border migration? Methods of
6. Victims: numbers, gender, age
7. Recognition of problem in India

Explanation / Theories to explain trafficking in India


Measures to control THB in India

10. Prevention measures
11. Investigations / Prosecutions
12. Victim Protection measures

You must use at least 15 sources besides the US Department of State TIP report. Start with the articles by Kevin Bales on testing a theory of modern day slavery and predicting human trafficking (topic 4). Other sources /organizations which may be helpful are: International Labor Organization, International Organization for Migration, UNODC, UN.GIFT, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Anti-Slavery International, and ECPAT. Make sure you also reference academic articles.

Topics 1-7 and 10-12 are descriptive. At least half of your paper or more should deal with the push and pull factors (you may want to consult UNDP reports for data on the development index of the country you are studying) and the theories to explain trafficking in India.

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Title: Prostitution

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2865 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper is about a historical research paper. I'm focuse to write about 19th century prostitution. I don't have thesis statement so you have to make thesis statement relate to 19th century prostitution. For an example, Child Prostitution. On this paper, It is very important to do more than simply report information about your topic. The object of this assignment is to use research to make your own original argument about the topic. For an example, you have to read some articles or issues related to the child prostitution in 19th century. And through out the issues, you have to make your original arguments on research issues that provided in 19th century's child prostitution.
-I will send some my previous essays so you can read it and try to write smilar to my previous essay. Because i do not want professor to recongize big different between previous ones. It has to be a similar writting style.
-I will send some informations about how to work on this essay which it provided from the class. And example essay which it also provided from the class. So it is very esay to follow how to write an essay.
-I will send my two essays that i already graded in this class so you can get some concept of writting style.
-The minimus number of quatations are 8. You have to use several books and internet sources to get sources. Also use footnotes.
-Also you have to provide cover letter for this essay.
-It is very important that you have to make your original arguments based on historical issues in 19th century's prostitution.
-Also can you send me both essay draft and revision because i need it from my class.
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