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Observation Requirements You will write up a description of the observation (TOTAL PAPER
You must be able to observe cognitive, social, fine motor, and gross motor skills.
Your observation may not include any inferences. (For example, She made a face at her mother because she was mad.) ?Because she was mad? is an inference. She may have made the face because she did not like green beans, or for any other number of reasons.
You will lose points for grammatical errors.
Keep yourself out of the interview.
This means you should have no personal pronouns in your paper.
At no time should you interact with the child you are observing.
Theory Select one of the following theories and apply your observation to that theory: psychoanalytic, behavioral, social learning, cognitive, sociocultural, or epigenetic.
Write a short paragraph demonstrating how some of the things you observed apply to that theory.
Hints One task may fall into more than one category.
Be sure that you have listed it in all that apply.
Keep your task statements consistent. If you decide to use full sentences, do so throughout the observation.
Keep your verb tenses consistent.
Keep yourself out of the observation. Do not use any personal pronouns.

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Title: Child adoption

Total Pages: 10 Words: 4497 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Child Adoption as a Business

There is a huge need for child adoption in our society. Many couples go through the long, stressful and expensive process to adopt a child. But what is it from the other side: What is a child adoption as a business? In my research paper I would like to try to answer some questions: What kinds of organizations are involved in this business? Who gets the profit if there is one? What kind of problems is this business having? How does this business impact our society, science technology etc.?

Please use no more then four sources from Internet Web site.

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Title: child sexual abuse

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2076 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: child sexual abuse specifically children under 14years. Discuss in paper defintion, the effects of it, how to respond to child sexual abuse, what are the signs of sexually abused chuildren, how to prevent this situation and what should be done socially in order to educate and prevent this from affecting our future generation in the long run.

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Title: Childrens Book

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1166 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Children’s Book (two parts)
Part One: The Book (10-20 pages, words and images) At least 10 pages
Part Two: Critical Reflection (approximately 1000 words) At least 4 pages
I want to model: Dr. Seuss Subject: The problem with lying

This unit has two parts: a book and a critical reflection. The book will be geared toward children in the first or second grade. You will need to research the qualities and characteristics of books targeting this audience. How do they use visuals? How do they use text? What level of vocabulary do they use? What do we know about kids this age? Where are they at developmentally? What kind of generalizations could you draw about this audience that would help you make decisions as the author of the book?

This is a research project, and you are researching in at least two directions. First, you need to read and research about kids' books. This could be primary research. Who is writing the kinds of book you want to model your book after? Or it could be secondary. What is said about them? What do the "experts" say about these kinds of books? Second, you need to research the content of the book (a subject of your choosing that stems from an issue or topic or theory in your academic discipline, major, minor, or other area of interest. You need to understand the subject you are trying to translate for your young
audience. You need to think about how the act of translation is transforming the nature of that knowledge. Does simplifying a complex subject change the subject? Do you know the subject well enough not to lose sight of its “essence” (whatever that may be)?

The critical reflection should take up these questions. If the target audience for the
book is the kids (and it is??"but it’s often their parents??"the ones who buy and share the book, too), then the target audience for the reflection is the class (your peers and
I). Use this space to explain your project. Describe the research. Make a case for the value of your book. We will talk about how you might deliver this project (hard copy, etc.) but you will use ts and the eportfolio platform to submit draft work, bibliographies, your critical reflection and whatever else you think might enhance this project.

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