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Essay Instructions: Formulate a Group Assignment Ground Rules Charter (outine below. Q1 to 8 is compulsory)

Our goals: (required)
? What is our team trying to accomplish?

Our ground rules: (required)
1. Other than in class, when will we attempt to meet? (E.g. what time, how often?)

2. Where will our meetings take place? (E.g. physical location or virtual team?)

3. When is it OK to miss a meeting?

4. How do we deal with members who miss a meeting?

5. What team roles are required in your team, and who will act in those roles? (E.g. rotating or fixed leader, secretary/note-taker, progress chaser, time-keeper, progress consultant etc.)

6. How do we deal with members who don?t participate enough, participate too much or distract the group from its task?

7. How are we going to make decisions? (E.g. Nominal technique, other?)

8. What will we do if a group member?s work doesn?t meet our standards?

Other questions you may like to discuss as a team: (optional)
? On average, how long should our meetings be?
? How do we inform each other when we can?t be there or are running late?
? How will we deal with lateness to meetings?
? What does ?on time? mean?
? What do we do with mobile phone calls & text messaging during meetings?
? Can we bring food and drink to meetings?

You are encouraged to create your own questions that you think will help establish acceptable norms of behaviour in your team that will help the members in your team work more effectively. One way to do this is to think of everything you could do to possibly wreck a team (this is the control problem). Then, think of ways to manage these behaviours (these are your management control systems).

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Title: English Literature

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the presence of ghosts in Julia Alvarez''s How the Garcia Girl''s Lost Their Accents and Maxine Hong Kingston''s The Woman Warrior and how these could be labeled ghosts stories. What is the nature of the haunting in these texts? In what ways are the protagonists ghost-chasers? Must have a clear thesis, strong plan of organization, and supporting detail from the texts. Recommend having an opening paragraph, supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph, with one or two quotations per paragraph. MLA format. Undergraduate level paper.

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