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Title: The Charge Of The Light Brigade

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Essay Instructions: Alfred, Lord Tennyson,The Charge Of The Light Brigade.
analysis, my own feelings about it. review. reaction.
this paper is for extra credit.

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Essay Instructions: Pop Culture Poetry: Possible uses of poetry in a pop culture setting. I have to teach the poem to the class and submit an individual paper analyzing the poem. The poem is The charge of the Light Brigade and the movie is The Blind Side.
Have to discuss Who is the speaker, What is the situation, What is the purpose of the poem. By what means does the poet achieve this purpose. Discuss literary and poetic elements here. Example: plot, conflict, setting, characters, dialogue, irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, point of view, narrator, alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme, denotation, connotation, personification, apostrophe, etc,. Show how the is used in pop culture. Part of teaching the poem is explaining how and why the poem is used in this pop culture situation. Must submit a written explication using quoted lines from the poem, must contain a works cited page, should use quoted passages from the literary research.

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Title: War and Peotry

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Essay Instructions: Uitilizing the story we read from Worlds of Fiction and the reading "War and Poetry" construct a 3 page essay which explores the following topic: how and why do literary accounts of war allow insight into a historical event? You might ask yourself such questions as how does the reality of war differ from the romantic image of war? How does war change the combatatant? What do soldiers value in the midst of war? The book used is The Heritage ofWorld Civilization: Chapters 30: impearlism and World War 1 and chapter 31: Depression, European Dictators, and the American New Deal. Please return in an attachment.Emergence of The Great German Empire (P669)--World War I, what caused the outbreak of WWI, (P673). Poems used William Wordsworth; Occasioned By the Battle of Waterloo. 1. Alred Lord Tennyson; The Charge of the Light Brigade;Guy Jones; A Tear for Those Who Gave A Their All; Rudbury Kipling; The White Man's Burden

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Title: Analysis of Leadership in a Movie based on the therios and concepts from the book

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Essay Instructions: Project instructions
Required Texts
Yukl, G. (2009). Leadership in organizations (7th edition). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Phillips, D.T. (1996). Lincoln on leadership: Executive strategies for tough times. New York: Warner Books, Inc. ISBN: 9
4. Assignment requires you to:
a. Apply theories, concepts, models, etc. from both Leadership in Organizations and Lincoln on Leadership.
b. Integrate ideas from your personal experiences.
c. Write a paper that is approximately 1,500 words (six pages not including the title page and reference list). Follow the guidelines for developing and submitting papers for this course including using APA style for citing references and the reference list.
d. Your final paper will be evaluated based on the depth of analysis, critical thought, and application of leadership principles from the course.

Option 1: Analysis of Leadership in a Movie

1. The purpose of this assignment is to apply the concepts and theories from the course to the analysis of leadership by one or more of the key characters in a movie. Select a film that illustrates several of the leadership concepts/issues presented in the materials throughout the course. Some possible films are listed below. You may choose another film, but get approval from the professor before viewing it for this assignment. Docudramas based partly or entirely on actual persons and events are useful
• Gettysburg
• The Crossing
• Thirteen Days
• Remember The Titans
• Hoosiers
• High Noon
• Who Shot Liberty Valence?
• Apollo 13
• The Insider
• Primary Colors
• Gandhi
• Eyes on the Prize
• 12 Angry Men
• 12 O'clock High
• The Charge of the Light Brigade
• Citizen Kane
• Crimson Tide
• The Bounty
The following films have women in leadership positions:
• Iron Jawed Angels
• Norma Rae
• Courage Under Fire
• Silkwood
• Gorillas in the Mist
• A League of Their Own

2. View the film at least once while working on each of the four units. Take notes about the scenes that illustrate key concepts from the unit as presented in Leadership in Organizations, Lincoln on Leadership, and other course references.
3. Write a paper that discusses the leadership concepts/issues and describe how these are illustrated in the film. The paper should not be a movie review.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to make this example paper more personal I will tell you that I am a women currently working towards becoming in a leadership role. I really like the movie “A league of Their own” because it deals with women issues and leadership and overcoming despite the odds. In my current role I have always found myself to be not only the youngest leader but also a minority in being a woman and ethnic too. If you need more info on me please let me know. also make sure include my free refernce/ bibliography page

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