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Title: Up to the writer to decide

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Essay Instructions: Hi, I want you to write an analytical essay, with the following assignement :

"This essay should focus on any of the following texts: “Wuthering heights” by Emily Bronte, “A passage to India” by Forster, “The Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare or “Mrs. Dalloway” by Virginia Woolf. This essay should be at least 10 pages long and should incorporate research.

While I’d like you to at least consider estrangement or Otherness as you plan your essay, I won’t require that you write about encounters with the Other in this essay. You are free to choose any topic that interests you.

In this essay you will be dealing with larger ideas, as well as with larger sections of the text. This essay should explore a theme or narrative device or characterization (for instance) that runs throughout the text. In the words, you could write an essay that explores the landscape in A Passage to India, arguing something about the significance of its shiftiness and ambiguity, or you could write an essay about Heathcliff’s “mergers and acquisitions,” arguing something specific about his “business” of ruining two families. These are just two possibilities; there are tons of topics you could explore, and of course you can write about any of the texts listed ABOVE.

As with any analytical essay, it is imperative that you formulate a strong THESIS! and use the body of the essay to support it, with EXAMPLES from the text. Liberally quote and analyze the text throughout the essay.

You should also be quoting and analyzing SECONDARY sources. You’ll need to find books and/or articles about your chosen text that support or enhance your argument. Project Muse and JSTOR are good resources, as is the MLA bibliography. You should use at least 4 secondary sources."

As idicated above, you are free to pick any topic/thesis for the essay (make sure to clearely indicate and identify both) you want as long as it sticks with the instructions and texts listed above and in the file with additional instructions that I have emailed.

P.S. if you need any clarifications or additional information email me.

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Title: Characterization

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Essay Instructions: The process of characterization is that which every author uses to make, build, or create a character. In most cases this process is carried out in three ways: 1) the author has the character say things that tell us what kind of person he or she is, 2) the author has the character do things that reveal what sort of person we are reading about (or hearing, or seeing), and 3) the author also often has other people reveal things about the character (the closer to the person another character is the better?more reliable?is the information).
What you are going to write here is the typical five-paragraph essay.

First, use the following title:

The Characterization of Shimamura in Kawabata?s Snow Country

Your thesis?the final sentence in your first paragraph?must be something like the following:

In Snow Country Shimamura is characterized by what he does, what he says, and what others say about him.

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Title: Unit 3

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Essay Instructions: 1.A superficial reading of "Paul's case" often leads to an easy conclusion that Paul finds escape in theater. But then, Paul does not have any ambition to become an actor. In fact, Cather has a rather complex and nuanced notion of "theater." For instance, from the very first paragraph, Cather characterizes Paul as a troubled, troubling kid by utilizing the metaphor of "theater": Paul used his eyes "in a conscious theatrical sort of way" to show his rebellion (263). And later, Cather connects theater with "Romance" by capitalizing the word Romance (269).

In your responses and discussions, examine the meanings of "theater" and "Romance" in Cather's characterization of Paul. Why does Cather capitalize the word Romance? (Read Week 2 introduction). What is the relationship between theater and Romance for Paul? What is the effect when Cather emphasizes "Perhaps it was because, in Paul's world, the natural nearly always wore the guise of ugliness, that a certain element of artificiality, seemed to him necessary in beauty" (269)?

You are also encouraged to compare/contrast Cather's idea of "theater" to Stevenson's notion of "theater" in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But make sure to incorporate textual evidence (specific wordings or quotations from Cather or Steveson) in your response.

( 2/3 page (about 200 words) for this question)

2. I will let you know what to wirte for the second question later ( It will be about respond to what other person said about the first question.)

(1/3 page (about 100 words) for this question)

3. You can do one of the two options for your Online Learning Activity.

** Pay attention: Throughout the entire semester, you need to write your Online Learning Activity in a Microsoft Word document and submit it as an attachment to the Drop Box under the current unit. If you are simply writing a text under the Drop Box, the system might not save all your words, especially when your computer freezes. Also, all writing assignments need to be checked by Therefore, you need to submit your writings in Word documents as attachments.

option 1. Choose and focus on one specific textual detail from “Paul's Case” and write an analysis of 300 words. For example, Paul's outfit, his artistic taste, and his estrangement from the “realities” he lives in. You should incorporate quoted passages from Cather’s text or make specific references to key scenes in the fiction.

option 2. Watch the documentary of Sigmund Freud posted on the Week 3 Introduction. Write an analysis of 300 words that considers the relationship between psychoanalysis and storytelling. In your analysis, you have to use concrete examples from the assigned texts we have read (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and/or “Paul’s Case”) to support your argument.

1 page for this question (300 words)

4. quiz . The quiz will only cover "Paul's Case." Read this introduction and Lecture Notes--they might give you some hints about the quiz. ( I will provide you the reading, and we can arrange the time leter.)

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Customer is requesting that (dmusings) completes this order.

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Title: Shakespeare's Hamlet

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2184 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper should be about the Characterization of Opheila in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
-Work cited page
-12 point font
-Double spaced

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