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Title: Character Sketch

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Essay Instructions: Character: Female hispanic teen, two younger sisters and one younger brother. Still in high school. Has boyfriend. Parents are married. Lives in a lower-middle class neighborhood. Teen loves hip-hop, latin music and reggatone. Teen thinks she tough but its all a facade.

Paper must present a vivid picture of the personality and physical appearance of the person being described.
Paper establishes a dominant impression of the person, and reveals the author's response to them.
Paper should include dialogue, mannerisms, descriptions, and other devices that show rather than tell what the
person is like.
Paper should place the character in a context that contributes to the reader's understanding of the character.
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Title: Character assessment essay movie good focusing individual Melvin Udall played Jack Nickolson plot theme movie This essay address questions relating aspects individual environment This essay written demonstrate functional critical knowledge major facets abnormal psychology

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Essay Instructions: Character assessment essay on the movie "as good as it gets", focusing on the individual ( Melvin Udall - played by Jack Nickolson), not on the plot or theme of the movie. This essay must address questions relating to aspects of the individual and the environment. This essay should be written to demonstrate your functional and critical knowledge of major facets of abnormal psychology. This requires you to demonstrate a capacity to engage in research that develops your understanding of aetiology, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various major psychological disorders presented in the abnormal psychology literature.
Length: 2000words (including Introduction, Body, Conclusion but excluding Abstract, Title page and Reference list).
The following information is provided to assist you to structure your essay. It is important to note that the structure of an essay is not as strict as a research report. An essay usually contains three major sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, with an Abstract and a list of references. Specifically, here are some points:
? Title. A concise yet informative title must be given to your essay. For the purpose of this assignment, you may simply choose to identify the film you have reviewed and the character ? e.g., As Good as it gets: Melvin Udall. You need a Title Page following APA guidelines as your first page.
? Abstract. Although the requirement and length may vary, an abstract is required for this assignment and its length is expected to be around 300 words. The same principles of writing an abstract for a research report apply. The aim or purpose of the essay is stated; the major theme and main arguments or points are to be highlighted; and the conclusions could also be summarised. The abstract should be on a separate page after the title page and headed as Abstract.
? Introduction. Two paragraphs. A brief description of the area to be discussed along with clearly stated themes / aims of the essay and possibly your main arguments and if necessary, specific terms or concepts, are to be provided in this section. The essence is to provide sufficient information for the readers to grasp what this essay is about and what they expect to read on. Heading as such (Introduction) is not necessary
? Body. This is the main part of an essay following the introduction. For the purpose of this piece of assessment, the body of your essay should be a clear presentation of responses to the questions that have been asked. The most important structural concern is the organisation of the materials. All relevant materials shall be systematically organised into a coherent, logical, and integrated presentation. Whichever specific strategy you use, if the readers could be convinced that your themes have been well articulated and arguments well grounded whether they agree or disagree with your viewpoint, then your essay would be a successful one. Please note, in general a smooth flow through appropriate arrangement of paragraphs is helpful to achieve that goal. It is strongly suggested that you use subheadings relevant to questions from each area.
? Conclusion. Now that you have presented the body of the essay to convey to the readers the thesis of your essay, you make a summary of the main points to conclude your work. This usually consists of no more than two paragraphs.
? References. Be aware that in psychology assignments, the term 'References', not Bibliography, is used. This is a required section. The list of references reflects the extent of your readings. An essay with only one reference (such as just your textbook) is not sufficient in most cases, yet, an extremely lengthy references list with many irrelevant sources will not be considered favourably either. For this assignment, there should be no fewer than 10 references. Be sure that any statements you make in answer to each question are supported by evidence from peer-reviewed literature.
? Style. APA style is the style to be abided. This includes reference citation format, language usage, grammatical rules, and so on. Please check with your APA Manual (6th ed.) if you have any doubts.
Remember to write clearly, succinctly, and in a well-organized manner. I strongly recommend you ask a friend/family member to read over your work and that you read it aloud to yourself to check on grammar. Bear in mind that this is a formal piece of writing.

Assignment Questions (remember that this is the ?Body? of your report):

Please use use brief headings in relation to each question (e.g., ?Presenting problems and mental status examination?, ?Diagnosis?, ?Treatment? etc. ). Remember that, although you are answering questions, you are presenting a coherent case report.

1. What are the presenting problems? Bear in mind that although you may be seeing a character at a range of different time periods, you want to refer to the most recent glimpse of the character. Pretend that you have had the luxury of observing this client over a range of time frames (if you have more than one time period).

2. Mental status examination
What do you observe about the character? Remember to use what you know from your lecture/textbook about mental status observations. Keep your language non-judgemental.

3. History of presenting problems
In what way does the character?s history relate to their disturbance? Keep this section as succinct as possible! Remember to write formally.

4. Environment/Era
Are there any environmental influences that you believe are influential to the character's disturbance? (e.g., the era, the institution, the dysfunctional family, the therapist's practice)?

5. Past treatment/medical history/psychiatric history
If treatment was given, was it helpful?

6. Provide a formulation for this client. How would you explain why this character is presenting with these symptoms? For high marks for this section, refer to the literature and explain why the client is presenting with these particular problems at this time.

7. According to the definition(s) presented in both the lecture and the textbook reading, is the character?s behaviour abnormal?

8. Discuss the diagnosis
Is a diagnosis for the character given in the film? If it is, do you think the diagnosis is correct? If it is not, what do you think the diagnosis is? What further questions would you ask, or information would you seek to support your diagnosis? Using the DSM-IV-TR tables from your textbook, what diagnostic criteria does your character exhibit that would support your diagnosis?

Multi-axial summary
Conclude this section by doing a multi-axial summary for your character using the DSM-IV-TR axes. Remember to use hypothetical/?query? language or ?meets criteria? language as appropriate.

9. Does the movie accurately portray the character and his/her disorder? Or, do you believe the case is distorted by "Hollywood"? Consider what you know about this disorder.

10. Proposed Treatment
What do you believe would have helped the character improve/change? Remember to refer to the literature and your formulation. Ideally, your formulation and suggestions in the literature guide your choice of treatment(s).

Your essay is evaluated according to the ratings on the following criteria, each of which contributes to your final grade.

Title /5
Abstract /5
Introduction /10

1. Presenting problems /5
2. Mental status examination /10
3. History of presenting problems /10
4. Environment/Era /10
5. Past treatment /5
6. Formulation /15
7. Is the character?s behaviour abnormal? /5
8. Discussion re: diagnosis /10
Multi-axial summary /5
9. Accurate portrayal? /5
10. Treatment /10

Conclusion /10

APA style (6th Edition) /5
References in Text are formatted correctly and information is cited when necessary /5
References in Reference List are formatted correctly, there are at least 10 and citations in text are present in reference list /5
Grammar/Spelling/Use of formal language /5
Word limit is adhered to (2000 +/- 10%) /5
Overall impression (formatting, extent of research, coherence, depth of analysis, thoughtfulness, use of non-judgemental language) /10
Excerpt From Essay:

Atkins, L. (2009). A radical treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder patients. The Guardian, 14 Dec 2009. Retrieved from gamma-knife

Brooks, J.L. (1998) As Good As It Gets. Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear. Tristar Pictures.

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Title: Character Motivation Othello Read Othello respond questions Brabantio protests marriage daughter Desdemona Othello claiming Othello spells medicines dull senses marry rules nature Some critics claimed Brabantio's real motive racial prejudice

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Essay Instructions: Character Motivation in Othello
Read Othello, and respond to the following questions:
Brabantio protests the marriage of his daughter, Desdemona, to Othello, claiming Othello used "spells and medicines" to dull her senses so that she would marry "against all rules of nature." Some critics, however, have claimed that Brabantio's real motive is racial prejudice. Do you think they are correct? Does Brabantio object because Othello is a Moor, or for some other reason? Support your answer with passages from the text.

Iago is one of Shakespeare's best-known antagonists in large part because of the massive amounts of destruction he wreaks without really getting his own hands dirty. Does Iago have reasonable and understandable motivations, or is he motivated instead by his own psychotically evil core? Discuss this issue in terms of Iago's interactions with two characters OTHER THAN Othello. What can these interactions show usus about the ?inner Iago?? Be sure to bring in direct evidence to support your response.
Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from the text to support your reading (and cite the passages using MLA citation format).

400 Words
Excerpt From Essay:

Shakespeare, William. Othello, the Moor of Venice. Web. 31 August 2012.

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Title: You exciting characters Much The Canterbury Tales characters representative a class type This a creative writing assignment creative fun Your assignment write a contemporary piece form Chaucer

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Essay Instructions: You know many different and exciting characters. Much as in The Canterbury Tales, some of these characters are representative of a certain class or ?type.? This is a creative writing assignment so be creative and have fun with it. Your assignment is to write a contemporary piece about the someone you know in the same form that Chaucer uses.

That is: A) Give this person a title (example: The Miller, The Wife of King?s Point, The Dude from North Woodmere who hangs out at on the 7-11 on Peninsula Blvd, YCQ grad who hangs out at the Donut shop on 108th Street, etc.) DO NOT USE ONE OF THE ABOVE THEY ARE JUST EXAMPLES

B) Write a description of this person and their surroundings (A prologue, like Chaucer!)

C) Write a story that they would tell ? A TALE!!!! In their voice (they are speaking)!!!!!

You exciting characters. Much The Canterbury Tales, characters representative a class ?type.? This a creative writing assignment creative fun . Your assignment write a contemporary piece form Chaucer
Do not mention Cantebury tales and make sure the prologue is descriptive and
Creates the character-immigrant with broken English
The story should be from the immigrants eyes and entertaining to the
Reader should be about 4 pages and descriptive and in the immigrants
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