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Title: Character Sketch

Total Pages: 2 Words: 675 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Character: Female hispanic teen, two younger sisters and one younger brother. Still in high school. Has boyfriend. Parents are married. Lives in a lower-middle class neighborhood. Teen loves hip-hop, latin music and reggatone. Teen thinks she tough but its all a facade.

Paper must present a vivid picture of the personality and physical appearance of the person being described.
Paper establishes a dominant impression of the person, and reveals the author's response to them.
Paper should include dialogue, mannerisms, descriptions, and other devices that show rather than tell what the
person is like.
Paper should place the character in a context that contributes to the reader's understanding of the character.

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Essay Instructions: Character Motivation in Othello
Read Othello, and respond to the following questions:
Brabantio protests the marriage of his daughter, Desdemona, to Othello, claiming Othello used "spells and medicines" to dull her senses so that she would marry "against all rules of nature." Some critics, however, have claimed that Brabantio's real motive is racial prejudice. Do you think they are correct? Does Brabantio object because Othello is a Moor, or for some other reason? Support your answer with passages from the text.

Iago is one of Shakespeare's best-known antagonists in large part because of the massive amounts of destruction he wreaks without really getting his own hands dirty. Does Iago have reasonable and understandable motivations, or is he motivated instead by his own psychotically evil core? Discuss this issue in terms of Iago's interactions with two characters OTHER THAN Othello. What can these interactions show us about the ?inner Iago?? Be sure to bring in direct evidence to support your response.
Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from the text to support your reading (and cite the passages using MLA citation format).

400 Words

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Essay Instructions: You know many different and exciting characters. Much as in The Canterbury Tales, some of these characters are representative of a certain class or ?type.? This is a creative writing assignment so be creative and have fun with it. Your assignment is to write a contemporary piece about the someone you know in the same form that Chaucer uses.

That is: A) Give this person a title (example: The Miller, The Wife of King?s Point, The Dude from North Woodmere who hangs out at on the 7-11 on Peninsula Blvd, YCQ grad who hangs out at the Donut shop on 108th Street, etc.) DO NOT USE ONE OF THE ABOVE THEY ARE JUST EXAMPLES

B) Write a description of this person and their surroundings (A prologue, like Chaucer!)

C) Write a story that they would tell ? A TALE!!!! In their voice (they are speaking)!!!!!

You exciting characters. Much The Canterbury Tales, characters representative a class ?type.? This a creative writing assignment creative fun . Your assignment write a contemporary piece form Chaucer
Do not mention Cantebury tales and make sure the prologue is descriptive and
Creates the character-immigrant with broken English
The story should be from the immigrants eyes and entertaining to the
Reader should be about 4 pages and descriptive and in the immigrants

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Title: Support defend aspects character war principles war apply conflict Iraq OIF New Dawn Is a limited total war United states

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1271 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Support and defend what aspects of "character of war" and "principles of war" apply most to the conflict in Iraq (OIF to New Dawn). Is/was this a limited or total war for the United states?

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