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Essay Instructions: Change & Change Management
Describe a company that tries to implement a large scale organization change and failed
Explain the organization?s massive or radical change and why it fails
What were the objectives of the change program
What were the main reasons the change failed
What would have been done different to get better result

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Essay Instructions: Change Proposal
Imagine you are a midlevel manager at this organization who supervises two to four first-level managers.

Prepare a 800 word report to your boss where you propose a needed change for this department. You will be asking permission from your boss to implement the change management program. Include the following in your report:

? Explain the need for this change and the importance of the opportunities it provides.
? Explain the four dimensions of change management and how they apply to this situation.
? Summarize how you would use the project management approach to explain how the change will be managed.
? Provide support for your proposal position with expected return on investment (ROI).

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Title: Change Proposal

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Essay Instructions: Change Proposal

This assignment is based on the identification of a change that you believe is needed on the unit level or within the agency. Potential settings include clinical sites and work sites. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate integration of basic concepts of change theory, problem-solving, decision-making, and principles of leadership through the use of nursing process.
Copies of all cited sources must be submitted with the final draft of the paper. Please place the paper and references in a folder for submission. Specific criteria follow:

Assessment (20 points)
1. Discuss the problem you have identified from the standpoint of who it affects and how it affects them.
2. Is this a personal, professional, or organizational change?
3. What is the motivation for this change?
4. How would you validate that the problem actually exists? (What data could you collect for evidence?)
5. Identify factors which you think are responsible for the problem.
6. Describe the group that you have targeted for change. (What group of people need to learn to function differently?)

Diagnosis (10 points)
1. Concisely summarize the problem as a “nursing diagnosis” ??"
“Problem + related to…. + as evidenced by….”
2. State your goal for change including time frame and threshold for compliance (benchmark for success).

Plan (40 points)
1. Identify driving and restraining forces affecting goal attainment.
2. Discuss how you will troubleshoot these forces.
3. Incorporate change theory, problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership concepts to promote goal attainment.
4. Develop a plan for implementation, including time lines, projected costs, and promotional activities.

Evaluation (15 points)
1. Describe how you will evaluate the success of your plan for change? (Hint look at the ways you used to validate a problem existed in the first place.) What will the change look like? How will you know that a change happened?
2. What did you learn from this project?

Format (15 points)

Paper is absolutely not to exceed 6 typed pages (or 8 if title page and reference list are counted).
1. APA Style/Format (5TH Edition)
a. Correct grammar, spelling, usage, etc. (total 10pts)

2. Referenced (total 5points) (Minimum of 5 nursing journal references.)

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Essay Instructions: Change Factors -
When considering organizational change, it may be useful to distinguish between Throughput factors that may actually prompt change and those that merely enable or facilitate (or resist) change. Please identify a couple examples of each of these kinds of change factors and cite their impact on change in an organization with which you are familiar.( WALLMART)

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