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Instructions for Cerebral Palsy College Essay Examples

Title: Cerebral Palsy and the effects it has on motor development

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Essay Instructions: The paper isn't about cerebral palsy, it's about how cerebral palsy effects motor development. The paper has to have at least ten sources from proffesional journals with a works cited page and each source has to be cited at least one time throughout the paper. This paper is for a class that teaches us how to adapt a physical education class for students with special needs that's why it has to be about the effects it has on motor development.

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Title: See Special Requirements

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Essay Instructions: Type of Paper: A nonfiction or fiction transition plan for a cerebral palsy high school student entering college or supported employment. If the student is entering supported employment, it has to be in the State of New York for reason of the topic transportation. Also, let?s name the student John Smith.

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Very Important Stuff: (1) When appropriate, refer the topics below to organizations/ agencies such as VESID, OMRDD, or others that pertain to people classified with cerebral palsy and the topics. (2) Do not mix up the organizations/agencies. (3) Transportation is a critical area that needs to be accurate when pertaining to the student?s situation. (4) 2 of the 6 references have to be online sources. (5) If I am charged for a title page, please just send me the name of the title, and I will type the title page. (6) Please include a reference page at the end.

Outline: (1) Definition of cerebral palsy, (2) Causes of cerebral palsy, (3) Characteristics of cerebral palsy, (4) Primary Classifications of cerebral palsy, (5) John?s Diagnosis, (6) John?s Post-Secondary Outcome, (7) John?s Residential Needs, (8) John?s Financial Income, (9) John?s Recreation/Leisure, (10) John?s Medical Needs, (11) John?s Social/Sexual Needs, (12) John?s Transportation, (13) John?s Advocacy/Legal Needs, (14) John?s Personal/Home/Money Management (15) Summary

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Title: exceptional children

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Essay Instructions: please use the textbook "Human Exeptionality,School, Community, and Family 8th ED. to answer the following 3 questions.

1. Child abuse and neglect impact the development of a normal child. Identify three factors that may contribute to child abuse and neglect.
2. Children with cerebral palsy may use assistive technology to help them with learning. Describe how teachers may use assistive technology effectively with students with cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities.
3. Describe some of the possible effects of substance abuse by the mother during pregnancy. How do these effects impact the child's development?

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Title: Preschool Inclusion

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Essay Instructions: This is a Research Proposal
The topic is the problem. What does research say about the benefits of the Inclusion Program for Special Ed. preschool students? Pages one and two must talk about What it is, what do researchers say about Inclusion, where there has been success or failures and why. The demographics: audience age, what are their needs (10 regular ed students with six special ed students, all four year olds, One class consists of: 9 Hispanic, 3 African American and 5 Caucasian, low income families, speech delayed, social-emotional problems, cerebral palsy body not brain, ESL)
Pages three thru six include methodology, how the program looks: an inclusion specialist will come to the room twice a week to give support to the regular ed teacher and incorporate the 6 Spec. Ed students in (therapy) according to their IEP plan. Weekly planning meetings and monthly parent groups. There are two seperate rooms in the Inclusion program and each have a morning and afternoon session. We want to give parents a questionaire on the topic and/or a pre and post test to determine their understanding or approval of the program. The Brigance will show improvement over a 9 month period. Goals on their IEP should be at mastery level. Pages seven and eight should be about anticipated obstacles and how and/or what I am going to do with the research. I plan to deliver this information to parents (before school starts) as evidence of the benefits of the program. Some of the benefits should also include: academic advancement, social interactions, and language development. Pages 9 and 10 What I learned from the research, data techniques, differences from state to state etc. The appendix must include a graph. I must have 5 references.

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