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Title: stem cell research

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Essay Instructions: paper must be 1500 words. Subject: the pros and cons of stem cell research. using journals such as "Science" "Scientific News" "Scientific American" "Nature" "Preventive Medicine" and other health or medical journals. please cite the sources where they occur with either a number superscript that can be in the references on a separate last page or at the bottom of the text with footnotes.

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Title: Stem cell research

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Essay Instructions: Using any two medical research articles on stem cell research that will show why stem cell research is important to our society and the future of science. :

Findings of stem cells in adults can refute arguments that stem cell research is unethical. The reason being that cells are being taken from adults rather than embryo's, thus the need to use human embryo's for stem cell research is not necessary any longer.
THree sections:

I Introduction:
-Introduce topic of stem cells.
- a sentence or quote that will catch the reader's attention.
- thesis

II Background:
-Discuss ethical debate surrounding stem cell research.
-What are stem cells and what are the different types?
-How might stem cells benefit humans. (i.e. cure diabetes, reduce chance of amputation, prevent alzheimer's disease etc...)

III Body:

2 articles about the use of stem cells that will show why stem cell research is important to our society and the future of science.

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Title: Stem Cell Research

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Essay Instructions: One page of this order is for the abstract. Please include an abstract with this order.


Write a 1500-1750 word paper on the controversies associated with stem cell research/technology using APA format. Be sure to include the following as part of your research paper:

1. The origin, history and technological advancement of stem cell research.

2. The controversy why this relatively new technological advance has generated so much controversy.

3. The potential medical applications of its use and why it has been heralded as a possible cure for a variety of diseases and illnesses.

4. The paradox of this technology as it has the potential for tremendous good or ‘evil’ based on which side of the medical, ethical, and moral balance-beam one happens to sit.

Intended Outcomes

1. Discuss the paradox of stem cell technology.

2. Explain some of the ethical and moral dilemmas associated with the use of stem cells.

3. Explain that stem cells have the potential to become any kind of cell; thus, the interest in the technology and its application to a number of perplexing medical problems.

4. Provide rationale for why this technology should or should not be strictly regulated and controlled by the government.

For the purposes of the research paper, the paper should contain the following parts:
Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, and References.

Note: When using references, cite in proper APA format and make sure that these references are from reliable sources that are not more than a few years old. Also, Wikipedia does not count as a credible source.

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Title: Stem Cell Research

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Essay Instructions: This is a addition to Order #82474 from the writer ID: gkwylie.

I. Introduction w/ Thesis Statement

II. Counter Argument (What others say about my topic that goes against/disagrees with my point of view or position about the topic) Note: I am for stem cell research.
**This paper needs to have a counter argument (Explain why people "medical fields" are against it. Why do they deny it?)

III. My Position w/ research as support

IV. My position w/ research as support

V. My position w. research as support
**Then what are "3" reaons why it should be denied. ***Provide strong examples that will strengthen the paragraphs.

VI. Conculsion

Additional Information that needs to be addressed from the original paper - In paragraph "4" provide a reallfe example to support the facts of the stem cell and the heart disease.

***Provide at least two disagreements of by topic.

Thanks for all of your assistance.

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