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Title: Causes of Crime

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Essay Instructions: Describe four different categories of theories about the causes of crime. What is the theory behind criminal law? Does this adequately address the causes of criminal behavior? In other words, if crime is caused by biological, psychological, or social factors, does societal condemnation and punishment of that behavior do anything to deter or redress criminal conduct?

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Title: Left Right Realism in Criminology

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Essay Instructions: Essay questions:

The essay is an individual assignment and will account for 70% of your grade for the module. Please write a 3000 word essay in answer to ONE of the following:

1. Explain what left realism identifies as the main causes of crime and consider how far it is convincing in its analysis.

2. Explain what right realism identifies as the main causes of crime and consider how far it is convincing in its analysis.

The word count does not include references list/bibliography.

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Title: Radical Criminology

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Essay Instructions: Assignment Two




You need to submit two-full pages of content. This is not an assignment that can be completed in five minutes that night before it is due. Use your critical thinking skills and in-depth research.

Must be singled spaced. Cite all work APA style. Please use at least 2 sources and don’t use Wikipedia.

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Title: Focus Causes crime and process change Choose country Iraq Afghanistan crime Terrorism relevant country Obtain statistics crime show crime trends a period 8 9 years e g 1995 2009 Then explain criminological theories Conflict Theory Lableling Theory crime relevant country context occurred place causal factors increased decreased years change

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Essay Instructions: Focus: Causes of crime & the process of change):

Choose one country (*Iraq or Afghanistan) and one particular crime (*Terrorism) relevant for that country.

Obtain statistics for that crime and show the overall crime trends for a period of at least 8-9 years (e.g. 1995-2009).

Then try to explain, using criminological theories (*Conflict Theory and Lableling Theory), why the crime is relevant for the particular country (context), why it has occurred in the first place (causal factors), and why it has increased or decreased over the years (change).

Refer to crime (*Terrorism) and criminality theories (*Conflict Theory and Lableling Theory) to explain the causes of the crime and the crime trends.

Also look at what has happened in that country, region or even internationally that might have brought to the decrease or increase in crime rates with regards to the specific crime you are studying. Shift in global policies? Greater demand? Stricter law enforcement measures? Change in political leadership?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works cited:

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