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Title: Caterpillar

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Essay Instructions: The company is Caterpillar and i need to research about the customers it currently serves, the competitors (actual and potential), the challenges the company faces, possible alternative and then a recommendation for the company. Presentation of a situation, issue, idea, challenge that the company has undertaken and analysis of the problem with possible alternatives the compagny can choose from, advantages and disadvantages to each.

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Essay Instructions: Class: Financial Management Capstone: The Role of the Chief Financial Officer
What types of budgets would you recommend for the company Caterpillar Inc.? Why? This paper should be at least five typed and doubled-space pages in length. The font should be size 12 and the type should be either be Courier New or Times New Roman.

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Title: Caterpillar's Financial Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Use Caterpillar's 2007 & 2008 Financial statement to answer the following:

Summarize in a narrative the latest Trends in Caterpillar's Income Statement and Stock Price.
Sales and Accounts Receivable: Analyze the degree of growth or strength in their relationship and how if they appear to "be in balance". Please comment on any abnormal or interesting issues you may uncover.
Sales and Inventories: Is the firm's level of inventory in balance with their sales growth and strategy? Again, please note any peculiar anomalies that may be of interest or suspect.
Quality of Earnings: Examine the firm's earnings and comment on their general health and likelihood that they are "repeatable" and long-term in nature.
Do a short analysis and prepare select comments on the following major ratios:
Short-Term Solvency: Current Ratio, Days Sales Outstanding, Inventory Turnover, and Days Accounts Payable Outstanding.
Long-Term Solvency: Interest Coverage, Operating Cash Flow to Total Liabilities.
Lastly, complete an analysis of Return on Equity and the "degree" of Financial Leverage the firm currently has and does it support its business strategy?

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Title: Strategic research Project

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Essay Instructions: Utilizing information from the company "Caterpillar"
Review and analyze the vision and mission statement. Is the company following the stated vision and mission?
Complete an external assessment, utilizing Porter's model for a competitive analysis
Evaluate the organization's Intensive Strategy, in the areas of Market Penetration, Market Development and Product Development

??Construct a SWOT analysis for the organization ??

Review your research and based on your conclusions, what corporate strategy would you recommend for the next five years of operations?

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