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Essay Instructions: Cash is the lifeblood of any business, and without it survival is very unlikely.

Do you agree or disagree? Explain what information a cash flow statement provides to supplement that provided by a statement of financial position and an income statement. Why is there still some controversy surrounding published cash flow statements? How important are such statements in terms of the financial reporting requirements within NIGERIA?

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Title: Cash Flow Statements

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Essay Instructions: Include horizontal analysis and complete review of the cash flow statements for Microsoft and Sony (last 3 years 2008, 2007, 2006-use yahoo finance to obtain the cash flow reports).

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Essay Instructions: Go With the Flow Inc.
Go With the Flow Inc. (the Company) designs, manufactures, and sells a broad range of mobile network products and systems and communication devices, including mobile, cordless, and corded telephones. The Company?s primary sources of liquidity are internally generated cash flows, the Company?s debt and revolving credit facilities, and the sale of trade accounts receivables. The Company?s liquidity and capital requirements are primarily a function of its working capital needs, capital expenditures, and debt service requirements. The Company has the following transactions that need to be analyzed under ASC 230, Statement of Cash Flows (formerly FASB Statement No. 95, Statement of Cash Flows).
1. Insurance Settlement Proceeds
The Company reached a settlement with its insurance carrier related to a claim from a tornado that destroyed one of the Company?s manufacturing facilities. During the year, the Company received proceeds of $20 million from its insurance carrier in connection with its claim for reimbursement for the destroyed building. The Company plans to use the insurance proceeds to fund its defined-benefit pension plan, rather than to rebuild the destroyed facility.
Alternative 1 The insurance settlement proceeds should be classified as an investing cash inflow in the statement of cash flows.
Alternative 2 Because of its intended use (an operating activity), the insurance settlement proceeds should be classified as an operating cash inflow in the statement of cash flows.
2. Acquisition of Property, Plant, and Equipment on Account
In December, the Company incurred $12 million of capital expenditures related to the acquisition of manufacturing equipment and machinery. The terms of the invoice are 2%/15, net 45. The amounts were unpaid as of year-end (i.e., included in the accounts payable balance). The Company intends to pay the invoice in early January, in accordance with the terms of the invoice.
Alternative 1 The acquisition of property, plant, and equipment on account should be presented as an investing cash outflow in the statement of cash flows.
Alternative 2 The acquisition of property, plant, and equipment on account should not be reflected in the statement of cash flows until actual payments have been made.

Required: Determine the appropriate cash flow statement treatment for (1) classification, (that is, operating, investing, financing) and (2) timing, if applicable, for the above transactions.

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Title: Managing cash case study course work

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Essay Instructions: Hi,

As you will see on the “activity details” there will be 3 tasks:

1. A Word document containing notes on factors determining the level of cash balances. Make a brief note (this need be no more than 400 words) in a Word document with the title: Week 17 Activity 1 ??" Managing cash.
In identifying the factors influencing the level of cash/bank balances held, you will need to consider the following:
- Why do organisations hold some of their assets in the form of cash?
- What are the costs of holding too much cash?
- What are the costs of having too little cash?
- To what extent are the reasons for holding cash similar to those for holding stock?
??" 2 Pages
2. Refer back to the transaction details and other information given for Week 16 Activity 3, which you used to prepare a profit and loss account for the first year of trading for Musical Instruments Business. You will need this information for Activity 2, in order to prepare a cash flow statement for the business.(sent on previous order). Please complete Table 17.2 - Advice on improving liquidity for Musical Instruments Business. ??" 2 Pages
3. A completed version of Table 17.3 Solution to a working capital problem in my organization ??" 2 Pages.

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