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Title: Case Study Fact Pattern

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Essay Instructions: Case Study

The assignment is to read the following Case Study. It describes a correctional institution with inherent problems and issues. Identify the issues, state why they are issues and make recommendations on how to improve the organization.

You will write a report that addresses the issues and problems.
Content requirements: Your report should include the following:

an introductory section that explains the purpose of the paper
your reflections on the agency and its administration
the body of the paper, which addresses the six previously mentioned factors
a "Works Cited" section, in which you reference the text or other sources, that must be properly documented and cited

Case Study (Fact Pattern)

On January 29, 2010 at the Mermon Correctional Facility 30 miles northeast of Washington, DC (in Maryland) a Correctional Officer ??" Marsha Wills (female ??" 34 years old - 9 years experience) was murdered by a male prisoner serving a life sentence for multiple sex crimes. It was the first murder of a Correctional Officer at the state prison complex. After the murder the prison was ordered to be locked down until the State Police completed their investigation. That investigation is now over and the Police will conduct the filing of criminal charges.

Initial reports suggest that this inmate was able to remain in the Prison Chapel and attack the Officer after others had departed from religious services. He was found hiding in the immediate area and the nature of the murder appears to be strangulation with an electric cord.

John James, 52 years old received a non-parole eligible mandatory life sentence after a 1997 conviction for first degree rape and kidnapping under the Washington “three strikes” sentencing guidelines. His past had included offenses for sexual violence against women. James reportedly had no violence in his prison behavior since a 2001 incident where he attempted to take his own life. The inmate first arrived as a maximum security offender due to the nature of his offenses. The inmate was given the privilege to attend religious services and has access to other parts of the prison because of good behavior, as are many prisoners, even those with life sentences to serve.

Officer Wills was assigned alone to the Chapel post and did not have a radio with her. She had apparently expressed concern about staffing levels and may have questioned whether a single officer was sufficient for a post where many inmates attended programs and religious services. During the time of her murder, it was not noticed that she was missed for an unknown period of time. Staff members are outraged and afraid and very critical of the administration by raising concerns about staffing levels and budget reductions. Prison managers suggest that budget reductions were not responsible for this senseless act of extreme violence. Public comment is calling for everything from the termination of senior Department of Corrections Officials to permanent 24 hour lockdown of all inmates who have carried out violent acts against women to mandatory staffing of multiple Correctional Officers at every security post in every prison in Washington State regardless of the cost and budget impact.

Tension is enormous and labor and management are very angry with each other. Inmates talking through public advocate lawyers have argued that they did not commit this act of violence and should not be penalized for the behavior of a single inmate.

Format Requirements

· APA format

· Double space

· 12 pt. font

· 1” margins

· Use APA citations for all sources

· Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count)

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Case Study: Scott Paper (use the below link to access the case study "Audio file":


What elements of project portfolio management are currently in place in the process to develop new products for Scott Paper?

How does Scott Paper's new product development approach reflect the overall business strategy?

What limitations do you see with the approach that Scott Paper is following?

You are to complete your answers to these discussion questions in 500?1,000 words and submit to your Instructor.

Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System.

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Title: case study SABMiller worte Aidan McQuade The article questions case send email

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Essay Instructions: case study of SABMiller worte by Aidan McQuade
The article questions of the case will send to you via email

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: CASE STUDY

Mr Black, a 61 year old businessman was watching the 7pm television news when he developed sudden onset of difficulty in speaking and drooping of the right side of his mouth. He was not able to lift his right arm or stand up. His wife immediately called the ambulance. The paramedics, using the FAST protocol assessed Mr Black as having had a stroke and transported him to a hospital with an acute stroke thrombolysis centre. He was admitted to the Emergency Department at 8pm.

History obtained from wife.

Mr Black was diagnosed with hypertension 10 years ago for which he takes Metopropol daily. He smokes about one packet of cigarettes/day and drinks alcohol socially. There is no history of serious illnesses or allergies. His father died of a heart attack at the age of 60.

Vital signs

BP 150/80 mmHg
Pulse 90bpm and regular Respirations 20 breaths/minute Temperature 36.5? C
SaO2 95%

Neurological examination

Pupils equal - 2mm and reactive to light
Right facial droop
Paralysis of right arm and weakness of the right leg
Normal strength in the left arm and leg
Decreased sensation on right side of the body
Right knee and ankle reflexes moderately brisk compared with those on the left Plantar response is extensor on the right and flexor on the left
Difficulty with speech ? repeats yes to all questions

Laboratory tests

Full blood count ? all values within normal range
Blood glucose level ? 6.5 mmol/L
Electrolytes, urea and creatinine ? all values within normal range ECG ? normal sinus rhythm

CT brain scan (2hours from symptom onset)

No intracranial haemorrhage or mass lesions. Suggestion of early ischaemic changes in left hemisphere.


Mr Black is diagnosed with a left middle cerebral artery distribution stroke. He is assessed as being eligible for thrombolytic therapy.


IV Alteplase (8.1mL bolus over minute; 72.9 mL added to 50mL sodium chloride infused over 60 minutes via a volumetric control pump).

Continue antihypertensive medication

24 hours after completion of alteplase follow-up CT brain scan ? if bleeding excluded commence Assasantin? SR capsule twice a day.

PART 1 ? Pathophysiology template

Complete a pathophysiology template for an ischaemic stroke that affects the dominant left cerebral hemisphere (400 words).

PART 2- Questions related to the case study

(450 words)
Explain the pathogenesis that leads to the structural and functional changes resulting from Mr Black?s stroke.

(150 words)
Explain how two of Mr Black?s clinical manifestations are related to the structural and functional changes caused by the stroke.

(250 words)
Relating your discussion to the pathogenesis of Mr Black?s condition, explain the mode of action of Alteplase and Assasantin?.

Excerpt From Essay:

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