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Title: Slavery In the Carribean

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Essay Instructions: This research paper should show the social, economical and political accpects of Slavery in the Carribean. Emphasis should be shown on islands of Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago. Show the massive industry that was built out of this natural resource (sugar cane) as a result of slavery. Ensure that the social life of the slaves are discuss and how the influence of culture was now transcended into the Carribean as a result.

Please note the following Resources can best assist in the information needed to successfully produce this paper.

#1 Erick Williams "Capitalism & Slavery"

#2 Carrington "Sugar Industry"

#3 Colin Palmer " The first Passage" In To Make Our World Anew: A History of African American. New Yourk; Oxford University Prss, 2000:3-52. Edited by Robin D.G. Kellyey and Earl Lewis

#4 Jacob Carruthers "Irritated Genie: An Essay on the Haitian Revolution. Chicago: Kemetic Institue, 1985.

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Title: cruise line industry

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Essay Instructions: Evaluate the cruise industry specifically Carnival cruise, Norwegian cruise, and Royal carribean. Evaluation needs to be based on "Porter's Five forces" and cover the following:

Competition in the industry, does industry have substitue products, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of consumers, Are there any new entrants (what are the barriers of entry.
How intense is the rivalry?
Is there a forecasting method that can be used to predict where the industry is going? (Ex. of forecasting. Nieve method which is looking at the previous sales last year, moving average-the last three years, weighted average-assigning a weight to each period, Globalization-technology
Is there some impact that globalization may have in the future.

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Title: Globalization and Third world countries

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1421 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I would like a book report on Survival of the Weak Countries in the Face of Globalization: Puerto Rico and the Carribean by Raffaello Benetti. i just want a 5 page book report for monday june 8th, 2009. I would like 10 quotations from the book, other than that i do need a citation page.
thank you
i appreciated

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Identify the following components:
Culture of the organization
Mission, Values, Philosophy, and Vision
Include the Organization, Nursing Department and individual unit.
CRITICAL QUESTION ?How are the above internalized by the staff to affect patient outcomes?

Extra information for the paper that might be helpful
My organization is a City Hospital (Psychiatry Department)located in East Flatbush which is mainly composed of African American/Carribean , they are the main population who attend my organization/Hospital.
The staff workers varies: Black,Caucasian, Asian(minimal), Hispanic..
Mission:Primary Focus: Psychiatry needs and Substance abuse treatment servicesServices Provided: Detoxification, Methadone Maintenance, Methadone Detoxification, Buprenorphine ServicesType of Care: Hospital inpatient, Residential short-term treatment (30 days or less)Forms of Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, State financed insurance (other than Medicaid), Private health insurance, Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)Payment Assistance: Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors), Payment assistance (Check with facility for details)Special Language Services: Arabic, Chinese, Creole, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Values:They have been created by the people ? the staff, patients, caretakers and they reflect the feelings of this organization.This organization see itself as a team, working together for the benefit of the patients and I feel privileged to be a part of it
Philosophy:This organization has an extraordinarily good-willed workforce,a true and heartfelt desire to make things better.Hope and resilience, and it?s focused on patients. What this organization do is a personal endeavour, a personal vocation.Each person is a unique individual, good listenning skills is provided to them.
Vision:This organization has an extraordinarily good-willed workforce, it has a true and heartfelt desire to make things better.It has hope and resilience, and it?s focused on patients.This organization's doing is a personal endeavour, a personal vocation

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